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Caramel...chocolate...butter cookie…you are not ready for this one!

Let’s talk about this dreamy combination. This cookie is a scrumptious cross-combination of a crunchy buttery cookie, the richness of chocolate, and smoothness of caramel. It’s like a mini chocolate pie, without the pie cake mess!

These Chocolate Caramel Cookie Tarts are individually wrapped, which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere and share it with your friends. Not to mention, they are addictively delicious. We’re not kidding when we say that one bag can be devoured in less than an hour…

Pro Tip: For a satisfying bite, try a few cold straight out of the refrigerator!

Belgian boys created this perfect snack to bring with you anywhere! Whether you’re invited to a party, having a picnic, or getting ready to get a workout in. Hear me out now… 2 cookies offer 17g of carbohydrates, which makes this delicious treat a perfect pre-workout snack!

How to use them:

We like to grab a bag of this deliciousness and take it with us to any social gathering, sport or workout session. You’re most definitely going to look forward to a few of these as a post-workout treat!

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