What we think

A cross breed between cake and marzipan, these mini loaves of Almond Butter Cakes are a must!

Texture and Taste

These decadent little load cakes have a delicate almond flavor, a thin and crispy exterior with a soft and cake-like interior! Without the dryness of a cake texture, this moist and dense Almond Butter Cake goes perfect with a nutella or jam dipping. 

Legend says that you can eat a whole bag in one sitting, even through the hassle of unwrapping individual cakes, yes that’s how good they are!

Made in France with real butter, sugar and the ethos of indulgence.

These super satisfying little Almond Butter cakes are perfect for a quick snack, lunch break dessert, or even as a pre workout snack! Here me out… 14g of clean carbohydrates per 2 cakes… Believe me when I say, this stuff is packed with clean energy! 

Safe to say that you’re going to want these as a post-workout treat as well.

How We use It

We like to snack on these in our lunch breaks, or have 2-3 cakes as a pre-workout snack!

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