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What we think

Benefits without the hassle.

If you want to jump on the beet bandwagon (IYKKYK) but can’t juice your own beets, the Nitric Oxide in one-serving of BeetElite Neo Shot contains the power of 6 beets. The formula is super concentrated and gets to your muscles fast without causing bloating since you don’t have to over-consume liquids.

BeetElite is also all-natural, vegan and contains only four ingredients. Beet Elite does contain natural sweeteners to improve the beet flavor, which is nice if you’re not the biggest beet fan. It's a surefire way to take advantage of these natural gems!

Feed's Fave: Black Cherry

How to use it:

Looking for that extra edge in your races or workouts, BeetElite is exactly what you need. Breath easier and enjoy relaxed muscles after taking this product. If you’re looking for a performance boost, try a scoop on big workout days and/or race days, but make sure you try it out ahead of time.

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