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Bearded Brothers Bar




What we think

Bearded Brother's bar is seriously awesome! With hundreds of different bars out there, sometimes it becomes hard to differentiate them, and they all start to taste the same. Not these bars! The flavors are delicious, have awesome names, and they are super healthy.

With an average of only seven ingredients per bar, Bearded Brothers provides healthy, non-GMO, gluten & soy free bar options. They are sweetened with dates and contain simple ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. These bars are packed with fiber and protein to provide long lasting fuel. Many flavors contain superfoods, such as Maca and blueberries, that provide an extra nutrient packed punch! These bars are great to snack on and even make a great companion to yogurt and granola in the morning.

Feed's Fave: Raspberry Lemon and Mighty Maca.

*Epic beards not included

How We Use It

These bars are great grab and go options for the busy athlete looking to reduce their added sugar consumption and still meet their fueling needs. We recommend eating this bar for some post-workout fuel, combining it with yogurt to make a balanced snack or breakfast, or eating it on-the-go for a mid-day energy boost.

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