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What we think

Definitely a bar that you can eat with joy!

Bar U Eat offers fresh ingredients put together to satisfy your craving and fueling needs. Whether you like bars or not, this one will definitely surprise your tastebuds. Bar U Eat has put together the most natural and cleanest ingredients you can find and constructed 4 bars that are unique in their flavor combinations!

Peanuts N’ Cherries

This is a classic favorite. It’s made with roasted peanuts, unsweetened cherries, dates and honey to give you that classic savory and sweet flavors that you love. We love a good bar made with no added sugars!

Oatmeal Raisin

The sense of being welcomed home doesn’t surprise me with this bar. It smells and tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies! This bar is soft, with a little crunch coming from the walnuts. The best part about this bar is the touch of cinnamon that brings it all together into a yummy and healthy snack!

Coffee Pecan

If you are a coffee lover, you cannot miss this perfect combo. With locally roasted Seedhouse Coffee beans, this bar offers a coffee aroma you wouldn’t forget. Coffee Pecan is made with lightly roasted oats, nuts and seeds balanced with a warm sweetness of medjool dates and local Steamboat Springs honey. We love a handcrafted bar that fulfills your fueling and tastebud needs!


Every good bar has a unique original flavor! Bar U Eat Original is made with lightly roasted oats, nuts and seeds with a touch of salt. To balance the flavor, they included medjool dates and local Steamboat Springs honey to create that warm hint of sweetness we all love in a good bar! 

Bar U Eat offers unique flavors and a great macronutrient profile to fulfil your needs!

How We Use It:

We like to start our morning off with a Bar U Eat bar to fulfil our morning snack cravings! If you’re looking to use this as a fuel source, we recommend having 1-2 bars 1 hour before your workout for maximum energy.


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