B Strong Training System-Package #4: 2x Size #2 Arm Bands + 2x Size #3 Thigh Bands + Case-The Feed

B Strong Training System

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The B STRONG TRAINING SYSTEMTM is ideal for any athlete who wants to dial their fitness to the next level!  The BFR package is compact, lightweight, and doesn’t require any accessories to enjoy the benefits of full body strength training.  Let's just say this little package packs a punch!  We love testing things as they come in but this particular system was not only tested by one of our Feed Coaches (Brandon Dyksterhouse) but was endorsed by him as well.  And Brandon doesn't endorse much these days so you know it's the real deal when he puts his stamp on it!

Brandon said "I first met Jim when I was coaching Mikaela Shiffrin in 2015-2016. He introduced me to BFR at the time and I was immediately intrigued. Fast forward three years, this Christmas I was helping Lindsey Vonn with boot alignment over Christmas break and took the tip of a slalom gate to my medial meniscus. It completely ripped it from the capsule. I had a complete repair January 31st (2018) and have been using the product ever since. I’ve really struggled with extension due to the scaring and extensive damage inside the knee. While using BFR straps my pain is almost completely gone. I am now months out of surgery and able to pedal a bike and getting back to my regular routine. I have been riding 20-30 min with the straps on my legs and am feeling great whilst using the product."

B Strong mentions that - "The guidance app includes video instructions and tutorials that will teach you the basics of B STRONG blood flow restriction training.  Once you create a user account, the algorithms will customize your pressure recommendations and walk you through basic exercises. From there, the only limitation is your imagination."  

Now the number #1 question -  SIZING: As long as your limbs are bigger than 7in (18cm), which is the size of a 12-14yr old’s arm, or smaller than 39in (100cm) which is the size of a large NFL lineman’s thigh, they have you covered!  Well...we were quick to measure some arms here in the office as we all have spaghetti-like arms.  Don't worry....they still had a size for that.  What we found is that most fit into the "normal" or "most common" sizing available.  It's also what we chose to stock.  But note - If you don't see the sizing you need....let us know!  We can gladly special order it and have it to you within a few days!  



Click here for a video on how to measure for sizing

B Strong BFR PRO TIPS - Band Placement


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