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This customized musette bag has the Top 18 products that athletes like Tadej, Pidcock, Neilson, and others use. Plus, you get 26% savings compared to purchasing each item individually.

What's in it?

We break that down below by introducing you to which pros are using them and how. It's 2x each of our top gels & chews right now, for 18 total products! Oh yeah, and a sick The Feed musette.

Tadej Pogacar - Enervit
UAE Team and Lidl-Trek both utilize Enervit for their nutritional needs. Tadej, in particular, is a fan of the new Carbo line, which includes Gels, Chews, and Drinks.

His secret performance boosters are two-fold:

  1. Tadej reaches for the new Carbo Chewable Gel - it offers the energy of a traditional gel but with the satisfying texture of a chew, shaped into a convenient bar. This innovative product has been a game-changer.
  2. While climbing, Tadej turns to the Enervit Liquid Energy Gel. It’s a liquid shot, making it quick and effortless to swallow, ensuring no interruptions to his pedaling rhythm or breath control while delivering instant energy.

Tom Pidcock - Science in Sport
The Ineos team has collaborated with Science in Sport to design their unique range of energy fuels under the Beta Fuel label. Tom’s latest weapons of choice include the SIS Beta Fuel Gel, packed with 40g of carbohydrates, and the SIS Beta Fuel Chew, boasting 45g of carbohydrates.

The Beta Fuel line is designed to maximize carbohydrate content per serving, enabling the riders to maintain their high-carb fueling strategy while reducing the frequency of eating.

Neilson Powless - Neversecond
One of Neilson’s standout new products is Neversecond's Ice Gel. Stored in the freezer and ready to use, this product is like having a personal ice vest in your pocket, provided you can resist consuming it first. Delicious and refreshing, it’s a godsend on a hot day.

Like Neversecond’s regular gels, the Ice Gel adheres to the same fueling protocol with 30g of carbs per gel.

Romain Bardet & Caleb Ewan - Precision Fuel and Hydration.
Romain Bardet & Caleb Ewan - Fueled by Precision Despite being part of different teams, Romain and Caleb draw energy from Precision Fuel and Hydration. You can see in their back pockets the PF 30 Chews and PF 30 Gel: Packed with 30g of carbs, they are easy to combine to avoid flavor fatigue. 

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