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Ascent Pre-Workout




What we think

The dreaded pre-workout routine just got a little bit brighter.  Ascent has been a staple for many athletes around the world and definitely one of The Feed Faves on the recovery and protein side for years.  So how do they make their products better?  By launching the ultimate Pre-Workout Clean Energy and Hydration Fuel.

So what's in this miracle working pre-workout formula?  Only the good stuff and none of the bad stuff!  Did we mentioned it Informed Sport Certified?  Is it gluten free?  You bet!  According to Ascent it's "the clean way to boost energy, hydration levels and muscle preparation to maximize your workout.  With zero artificial ingredients, Ascent's Pre Workout is a safe and effective energy boost throughout the day."

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How We Use It

We take Ascent Pre-Workout before our workouts.  Usually 20-30 before.  Look at the amount you are taking as 8oz of water is the ticket.  Not too much more as we haven't seen the benefit beyond that.

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