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D+ Lotion: The New Way to Do Vitamin D

While Vitamin D has always been vital to human health, recent times are highlighting how truly critical it is- especially when it comes to your immune system and fighting off illness (not to mention brain, muscle, bone, sleep, energy and so much more)

YET… despite vitamin D’s function as a master vitamin and the fact that science clearly shows it's a key factor in avoiding severe symptoms of viral infections AND despite that it’s widely available and affordable in pill form… 

DESPITE ALL THIS…  70% of the adult population worldwide is STILL either insufficient or full-on deficient in vitamin D 

Clearly, something’s not working… 

Which is why we are insanely excited to introduce…

D+Lotion by AMP HUMAN: The NEW WAY to do vitamin D. 

D+ Lotion is the first and only lotion designed to meaningfully deliver vitamin D through the skin. Each daily pea-sized dose of two pumps contains 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in a fast-drying, gel-based formula, shown in clinical research to triple vitamin D levels in 3-4 months of regular use

Pretty cool, but still you might be wondering…  What’s the big deal? How is this a major breakthrough in my vitamin D game?

Well, ask yourself- which of these options sound easier?

1. Swallowing oversized pills that you have to time up just right to a fat soluble meal, all the while hoping that you’re getting enough of it to make a difference, often forgetting or skipping your daily dose so that you end up not taking it regularly which means you’re not building up your levels OR 

2. Rubbing a pea sized bit of lotion onto your forearm ANY time of day, and knowing that you’re getting the most advanced and effective bioavailable form of vitamin D…  Not to mention if you have kids, how much easier it is to dose them up this way! No more chasing them around the house with a big scary pill to swallow…  

See why it’s such a game-changer??

Now, that we’ve piqued your interest, you probably want to know…

How Does It Work? 

Amp’s patent-pending D+ Lotion is powered by InnerEdgeTM  technology, an aloe-based gel nanotechnology that is able to permeate the skin in a safe way and avoid the digestive system. Unlike oral supplements, you don’t need to take D+ Lotion with a meal, so you can use it any time of the day, whenever it fits best into your routine. Can we say, convenient?

And just in case you haven’t yet delved into all the many reasons you NEED vitamin D, here’s a quick breakdown…

Why you need to take vitamin D...


Vitamin D plays a critical role in immunity, specifically in respiratory illnesses like the flu. It is shown to support the production of antibodies and defensive cells lining the throat and lungs.


Vitamin D receptors have been found in the areas of the brain that control sleep duration and quality. Studies have shown links between vitamin D supplementation and improved sleep quality, reduced sleep latency and increased sleep duration.


Vitamin D plays a role in reducing oxidative stress, which is turn appears to improve cognitive function. It also maintains some of the core hormones that support our mood.


Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium in the gut, which is needed for proper bone growth and strength.

It’s ridiculously easy to use, but we wanted to break it down step by step to prove it… 

Step 1

Two pumps daily

Apply two pumps of D+ Lotion daily to the inner-forearms.

Step 2


Our-gel based formula is fast-drying and fresh-scented, apply and go!

Step 3

Anytime of day

D+ Lotion can be use anytime of day, wherever it fits best in your routine.



D+ Lotion has been explored in two published clinical studies in adults with low vitamin D and both studies showed a tripling of vitamin D levels over 3 and 4 months.

Study 1: The Pilot. 48 subjects showed a 215% increase in vitamin D levels after 3 months of daily use. Participants were asked to maintain their diet and lifestyle during the studies to control for potential outside influences.

Blood samples were taken at the beginning of the study and then again after 3 months of daily use. The average vitamin D level at the beginning of the study was 12.05±6.54 ng/mL in the treatment group and at the end of the study was 37.95±6.43 ng/mL (p-value = 0.001). Over the three months, the vitamin D levels of the control group went from 11.4±3.97 ng/mL to 10.58±3.03 ng/mL.

The main takeaway was that D+ Lotion can meaningfully increase vitamin D levels among those who are deficient in 3 months. All subjects were able to transition from a deficient to optimal level of vitamin D according to the guidelines set forth by the American Association of Endocrinologists[8,9].

Study 2: A Large-Scale Study in 550 Adults. The second study used the same protocol as the pilot study with three key changes: (1) the number of subjects rose to 550 (2) men and women were both included and (3) the duration extended to 4 months. The vitamin D levels of the study subjects using D+ Lotion rose by an average of 237% over 4 months (p < 0.001).

Five hundred and thirty seven subjects completed the study with 345 subjects in the active group and 192 subjects in the control group. The average age was 42 years old and ranged from 18-80 years old. The vitamin D levels of subjects in the active group rose from 11.03±4.57 ng/mL to 37.17±6.04 ng/mL, an average increase of 237%. The levels of the control group by contrast over the same period went from 10.36±4.09 ng/mL to 10.51 ± 3.5 ng/mL. No significant differences were found in the absorption rates between males and females, nor among the different age groups[10].


  • Where do I apply D+ Lotion? We recommend applying two pumps of D+ Lotion to your inner forearm.

  • When should I use D+ Lotion? D+ Lotion can be used any time of the day, whenever it best fits your routine. For example, as part of your morning or bedtime ritual, or store on your desk for anytime use.

  • How much D+ Lotion should I use? Use two full pumps of D+ Lotion daily, a pea-sized amount containing 5,000 IU of vitamin D3, or as recommended by your health professional

  • What allergens are in D+ Lotion? D+ Lotion contains almond oil. Do not use if you have an almond allergy.

  • Should I be taking vitamin D? Likely yes. More than 70% of American adults have insufficient levels of vitamin D. During winter months especially, sunlight isn’t strong enough to produce adequate vitamin D in the skin. The best way to get enough is through supplementation.

  • How does my body get Vitamin D naturally? Primarily from the sun and through food. When skin is exposed to direct sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. While few foods contain significant vitamin D, fatty fish are a prime natural source. Dairy, orange juice and cereal are often fortified with vitamin D.

  • How does D+ Lotion work? D+ Lotion is the first and only lotion designed to meaningfully deliver vitamin D through the skin. D+ Lotion is powered by our patent pending InnerEdgeTM Gel which is an aloe-based nanotechnology. On a chemical level, the vitamin D3 in D+ Lotion is dissolved in almond oil and transported through the skin in an aloe-based nano-carrier. Other elements of InnerEdgeTM Gel work to improve the permeability of the skin and further enhance absorption of the formula.

  • How similar is it to PR Lotion? D+ Lotion is a gel-based formula with a thinner texture so that it is quick to apply, fast drying and leaves no residue. Each daily dose of D+ Lotion is a pea-sized amount, far smaller than a use of PR Lotion.

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