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Airofit Breathing Trainer By Airofit

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Just like you train to build the muscles in your legs for cycling or running and your arms for swimming, training your respiratory muscles will also benefit performance. 

Airofit is a respiratory training system that includes both a breathing trainer and a mobile app. Together, they provide you with research-backed training programs that are proven to improve your physical performance by up to 8% within 8 weeks of use, training only 5-10 minutes every day. 

There are 3 main performance-enhancing benefits that come from using Airofit.

1. Strengthening Respiratory Muscles
Respiratory Strength Training focuses on increasing the force-generating capacity of the respiratory muscles. It helps improve the efficiency of your respiratory system, allowing you to get more oxygen out of each breath. 

This allows for more efficient oxygen exchange in the lungs, which increases the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity. Basically, your muscles receive more oxygen per breath, which allows you to perform better for longer.

2. Increasing Vital Lung Capacity
Vital lung capacity is the amount of air that can be moved in and out of your lungs with one respiratory cycle. By strengthening respiratory muscles, the force with which you can exhale increases. This allows you to more fully empty the lungs, so you can get even more air in with the next breath. 

The Airofit device also promotes better use of the diaphragm muscle, which further improves the efficiency of each breath. Because lung capacity can decrease with age, this device can help you improve and maintain lung capacity and respiratory muscle strength to match that of your younger years.

3. Improved Anaerobic Tolerance
You know you've reached your anaerobic threshold when you start to feel that burn in your muscles and lungs. The switch from aerobic (using oxygen) to anaerobic (using lactic acid) happens when you simply can't get enough oxygen to keep up with your working muscles. 

Training your respiratory muscles with Airofit strengthens your ability to hold your breath, which helps improve your tolerance to being in the anaerobic state. This allows athletes to perform at higher intensities for longer periods while decreasing muscle fatigue and improving recovery time.

Bottom Line
Whether you're an athlete looking for a way to improve your strength and performance, or someone who suffers from COPD or Asthma, this breathing device is a great way to strengthen your respiratory muscles and get the most from each breath. 

How We Use It:
When you first use the Airofit device, the app will help you with setup and will have you perform a breathing test to see where your respiratory efficiency is at. From there, it will give you recommendations for a resistance level (numbered from 1-6) for each workout and will track your progress over time. 


Watch more how Airofit is helping top athletes increase their performance:

Cleaning instructions:
Always remove the E-unit before cleaning with water or other liquids! After each training we recommend that you wash the device in warm water, shake off excess water and dry with a clean towel. Once a week, remover the mouthpiece from the device to be able to clean it better. Use a mild disinfectant solution instead of water. The disinfectant solution used must be intended for use on equipment that comes into contact with the mouth, such as that used for baby bottles. If in doubt, ask your pharmacist. After, hold the Breathing Trainer under running water, allowing it to run through. Shake off excess water and dry with a clean towel.

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United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent tool for athletic performance and recovery

A sudden paralysis of my left side of the diaphragm put an halt to my marathon training and running 19 months ago. To train my respiratory muscles and keep the diaphragm going, I immediately implemented other tools and training tecniques, but this has been a game changer. Adding variability and training my muscle to inhale and exhale added tremendous value to my already good strengh, which has been the result of constant and tireless daily training. Did I mention the app? I love that I can actually add metrics and keep track of my progress. Because of this tool, I was able to measure that I have perfectly good metrics, which may mean that my diaphragm is in the process of full recovery. I would strongly recommend this tool to everybody.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Increase Oxygen capacity

The folks at breathology recommended the airofit and it does indeed work great!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Airofit Breathing Trainer

I purchased this product because I have COPD. My goal is to strengthen my breathing and lung capacity. I like the programs and feed back. Excited to see what I can accomplish.

United States United States
I recommend this product
My daughter, Erika Ainslie, who

My daughter, Erika Ainslie, who also lives in Boulder, received this as a gift from me, her dad. I think she likes It but probably hasn’t had much of a chance to assess it.

Samantha P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Serious training must have!

If you are into your training and you have your nutrition dialed....you have to have an Airofit. This breathing device is amazing and I have owned many! I can't stop talking about it in my local run and ride circles. I've turned so many onto this little secret. I can't believe the fantastic results that it is allowing me to achieve! Consider me sold!

Herman N.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Must have gadget....

Have to say I am a sucker for gear. I love all aspects of something that will enhance my experience and overall training thresholds. This device works! Super easy to use and yes....the interface is also easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get those "marginal gains". Been using it for weeks and now can't leave home without it. Even though it may look weird whilst using it...let the results be the proving ground!

Andre G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Skeptical...but not anymore

I've come across a few of these devices and have to say...I was skeptical at first but this is the real deal! Super easy to use (adjust) and the iOS app is user friendly which is a MUST in my opinion. Have had one for 6 or so weeks and just bought the wifey one now as well! The results are impressive!

Anette R.

I feel a better stronger breathing after using Airofit. Results are great