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We spend countless hours training our legs, core, and endurance... but what about our lungs?

Did you know there’s a secret technique to surge your athletic performance by 8% in as little as 8 weeks without having to spend any extra time running, riding, or ing the gym? Oh...did we mention you can try it RISK-FREE for 45 days?  

Here's how it works: Use your Airofit with the training app for at least 20 sessions in the first 45 days. If you aren't happy, then you can return the Airofit for a full refund. Remember you have to give it a real shot at working for you, which means doing at least 20 sessions.

What's more, instead of putting in extra hours training and pushing your body to even more extreme limits than you already do, this under-utilized method actually requires you to spend more time RELAXING!


It’s an exciting new device called AIROFIT BREATH TRAINER...

... an intuitive Bluetooth connected mouthpiece that utilizes Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) so that: 

  • Exercise feels easier
  • Training is more enjoyable
  • You can train harder with the same effort
  • You can train longer with the same effort
  • Evidence-based improvement in performance (4 minutes of RMT could yield as much as a 4% improvement in time trial performance)
  • The most time-efficient, evidence-based ergogenic training adjunct available

Airofit allows you to train your lungs with the same expert precision as if you were working personally with an athletic respiratory coach.

What Is RMT (Respiratory Muscle Training)? 

Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) can be defined as a technique that aims to improve the function of the respiratory muscles through specific exercises. It’s known to have numerous health benefits, particularly for stress relief and some lung-related conditions, but, as athletes, what we really want to know is: will it make me go faster or boost my endurance?

The science (links to multiple studies found at the end of this page) plus testimony from professional athletes and my own personal experience says: YES

What's more, while evidence is piling up on the benefits of RMT for enhancing athletic performance (particularly in endurance athletes), respiratory training is still one of the most overlooked techniques in all of sports- which means you can enjoy a real competitive edge (with remarkably quick results) by practicing RMT, particularly through Airofit breath trainer's advanced technology.

What is Airofit? 

Airofit is a new training device from Denmark that's being used by athletes of all levels to improve their breathing. In as little as 8 minutes per day, while resting, you can boost your lung capacity and your anaerobic fitness.

Airofit has two parts: The patented Breath Training Device is a comfortable mouthpiece with pressure sensors that you breathe into and The FREE Airofit Training App (iOS & Android). The mouthpiece is Bluetooth connected to your phone which allows you to visualize each inhale and exhale in the Training App in real-time.

The Airofit Training App walks you through daily workouts, telling you when to inhale, exhale, hold your breath, and more. All the lessons are based on proven training protocols to boost your respiratory performance. The app makes the training very easy to follow even if you have never done breathe training before. 

Once you have mastered one level, the app will tell you to adjust the dials on the side of the Breath Training Device adding resistance to make it harder to inhale, exhale, or both. This trains and strengthens your lungs over time, just like any other muscle. 

In as little as 3 weeks, most athletes see noticeable improvements in their primary sports.

Do you have 10 minutes a day to be better at your sport?

Praised as a ‘game-changer’ by professional European athletes from all types of sports, such as Peter Larson (triathlete), Michelle Vesterby (triathlete), Ekaterina Avromor (professional swimmer), Amalie Wither (cyclist) and many others

 If you're like most serious athletes you're probably already doing as much as your body can handle or schedule will allow for your training. What I love about Airofit is that it doesn't take additional energy or add more fatigue to your body and in only 10 minutes a day, you can see significant athletic improvements. Plus lesser trained athletes will see even greater gains than professionals. 

I've been using Airofit for the past 60 days and it has transformed the way I breathe while running and cycling. Here's what it's done for me:

Increased my total lung capacity

This means that more air can get into your lungs to be utilized by the muscles. How? Stretching your diaphragm and intercostal muscles allows you to decrease the residual volume and increase the amount of usable air.

Strengthened my respiratory muscles.

Think of this as endurance work. With most of the focus on the diaphragm, endurance athletes can benefit from respiratory trainers because it will prolong the time until we fatigue, which prolongs the oxygen supply to motor muscles.

Boosted my anaerobic capacity

My ability to maintain maximum efforts for longer. This was the feature that absolutely sold me on Airofit. Any training tool that can improve my anaerobic tolerance is a product that I can get behind.

Just so there is NO Confusion, you do NOT use Airofit while running, cycling, or working out. You use it before or after your training when you are at rest.

How To Use Airofit:

What's remarkable is how simple it is to use. You put the mouthpiece in your mouth and turn it on. It automatically connects to your phone. You then start the different workouts and training programs in the app, following the instructions on when to breathe in, when to breathe out, and in some of the training programs when to hold your breath and for how long.

Another cool feature is that you can see in real-time the breath you are taking in the app. It will say "breath in" at a certain rate and, if you go too fast, your inhalation line jumps way above the recommended line. The goal is to control your breathing to keep your breath inline with the recommendation line to complete the workout.

Does it work?

The experience from the first athletes using Airofit is almost too good to be true, but the research does back up the findings of these athletes (links to studies at bottom of page).

In as little as 4 weeks, athletes are seeing significant improvements in their ability to inhale a greater amount of oxygen and as a result, boost endurance and the time they can sustain maximum anaerobic efforts.

The best part is that it takes under 10 minutes per day. It won't interfere with your regular training or make you tired. Plus you can do it almost anywhere.

Is it only for Pro Athletes?

While super-elite athletes will certainly benefit significantly from Airofit training, the data and past research suggest that slightly less trained athletes will benefit even more from training with Airofit.

How the training app works.

The secret sauce for Airofit is the training program in the app (iOS & Android) that guides you through different lung workouts each day. They're set up as a progression and as you get better at each session, the app increases the difficulty using the adjustment rings on the mouthpiece.

My Personal Experience: 

The first sessions I did were really challenging. I thought, "I'm never going to be able to do this". It was amazing how BAD I was at them. But I stuck with it and in only a few days, I could already feel the training working and the sessions got easier and easier even as the app increased in difficulty!

Just like with any training, when you work on your weaknesses you see huge improvements quickly. After just the first 4 weeks I was ecstatic with the improvements I made.

The basic components of the training sessions are as follows:

  1. Respiratory Strength is going to improve your exhale strength, massively. The training is focused on strengthening your diaphragm so that you inhale and exhale more air in a given amount of time. 
  2. Anaerobic Tolerance will teach you how to exhale and then hold your breath; it’s more of hypoxic training when you consider it all. Studies show that prolonged breath-holding induces additional blood vessel growth, which significantly boosts muscle oxygenation. This prolongs the period in which you stay within aerobic metabolism, reducing lactic buildup, which allows you to perform at higher intensities for longer. Not to mention, hypoxia directly correlates to reduced heart rate, which increases time to exhaustion, but more importantly, a greater ability to withstand extremely hard and extended efforts.
  3. Vital Lung Capacity allows you to both inhale and exhale more air, improving your body’s oxygenation, your efficiency with every breath, and your endurance. This is really a residual benefit from the Respiratory Strength training

Relaxation, a bonus benefit

A lot of us endurance athletes are go-go-go type of people. Personally,  I’ve never been good at sitting still- even though my wife's been trying to get me to meditate for years. I'll give it a shot but I have a tough time settling in and 'letting go' of my thoughts.

Since using Airofit, I've found I'm getting the mental and emotional benefits of meditation and deep breathing using a logical, data-driven system I can work with! Even though you can use Airofit for just 8 minutes a day for great results, I like to use it in the morning for strengthening and conditioning my lungs and then again at night before bed to get me into a super relaxed state for sleep.

Great for traveling

Airofit is also super-portable. It’s great to take with you while traveling and when you know your training schedule will be lighter you can plan to do longer sessions to keep your lungs in top condition. And, if I ever skip a workout, (hey, it happens!) doing an Airofit is a great way to get over the guilt and know I'm still something to improve my performance.

Links to studies proving the benefits of RMT in sports performance: 


Altitude (hiking, skiing, mountaineering)


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