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Ultimate Athlete Gift Guide 2020

You can win gift giving this year when you give a Theragun. The new generation are whisper quiet and you save $150 on the Pro and $50 on the Elite & Prime Models.
This is the best foam roller I use period with the added bonus that it is also collapsible. These are super hot sellers this holiday season.
Airofit is the fastest-selling new training device of 2020 for endurance athletes. It takes respiratory training and makes it into a game. The mouthpiece above is Bluetooth connected to the Airofit app on your phone (iOS & Android) and it walks you through expertly designed breathing training programs with real-time feedback as you inhale and exhale. Plus you get a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee from the first day you use the Airofit.
A carry with you everywhere bottle is the key to staying hydrated and you can do so in style with the Purist bottle. They work as well as they look and they can take a beating and still look amazing.
Hard to get to your PT or Masseuse these days? Well bring home the treatment with Powerdot. Electrical Muscle simulation that is simple to use and super powerful. Great for both massage and injury recovery.
The PSO-Rite (red one) is for your Psoas and I use mine daily and loosens up my hips and low back like nothing else. I've recently started using the Pso-Spine (black one) for 5 minutes a night while watching TV and my back has never felt better.
Ever need to change outside your car? The Orange Mud Towel stays in place around your waist so you can change in privacy anywhere. Then it doubles as a fitted seat cover. Too good to be true? I think so.
My daily recovery shake bottle. Trust me, I've tried every bottle out there and nothing beats the Camelbak Chute Bottles. The tops make them completely leakproof and the large opening makes them easy to clean.
The coolest hat in running also keeps you cool. Frankly, they are also great for zoom calls when your hair isn't, well, perfect. Super sporty look, they are the ultimate insider hat this season for athletes.
Wave tool is a must-have for all serious athletes. Aches and Pains, get on top of them with this Graston (muscle scraping) tool before they become chronic injuries. Already have a chronic injury? Kick start the healing process by scraping the injured area.
The PERFECT Stocking Stuffer. Get your teammates, training partners, and coaches a Feed Gift Card!