About us

We built The Feed to share how the right nutrition at the right time can instantly improve your performance, get you more improvement out of each workout, and increase your enjoyment of training and racing. 
We started 8 years ago with our Tour de France team, where we saw how better nutrition was giving our riders a huge advantage in their training (getting more out of every workout) and in competition (performing stronger in the last 20% of the race).
We boiled this down to a simple formula of what to eat Before, During, and After each workout.  Over the past 5 years we have refined this further with feedback from over 50,000+ athletes being feed by The Feed.  But one size doesn’t fit all.  Which is why we are here to build you a personal Feed that will work for you and your sport, your diet, your flavor preferences, and your training goals. 
We are completely unbiased as we don’t make our own products. We hand picked the best products on the market for you. We have have picked products from over 100 top nutrition brands (out over 400 brands we have tested). We also sell everything as “single servings”. We believe variety between flavors and products is critical to better performance.  Plus nobody wants to eat twelve bars of the same flavor!
Every product on The Feed has been rigorously taste tested by us.  We get rid of all the cardboard tasting bars and chalky protein that gets stuck in your throat.  We also do real-world testing of every product during our own workouts.  We answer questions on whether it delivers on what it promises.  Finally we are heavily biased towards natural products and we keep only a few weeks inventory on hand so everything is fresh.
We work with big companies (hello Clif Bar!) and small companies (we are looking at you Joje Bars).  We are focused on quality products, that you can use on-the-go, that are good for you (ahem, we are not GNC).  
We are also a great place to find the latest, newest hot products.  Sometimes they are from brands you have never heard of (Untapped Waffles, are yummy) or even big brands that surprise us, Clif Nut Butter Bars are, well, the bomb!
It’s easy to get started.  Use our Feed Builder to choose your gender, sport, and nutritional preferences.  Then we will show you what we recommend you start with. 
We break your Feed down by what to eat Before, During, and After your each workout.  We will also include a simple guide explaining how to eat what you is in your Feed.
Want an even more personal Feed, email us at hello@thefeed.com and tell us your sport, what you are training for, any nutritional preferences and flavors you love and hate.  We will build your Feed for you. 
You can order two ways from The Feed.  If you are more of a stock the pantry kind of person, then make a big one-time order.  If you want to make sure you have the freshest stuff and mix up flavors and products, then choose a subscription and get the freshest products delivered every 4 weeks.
If you want to know more about us?  We are a team of passionate athletes based in Boulder. We do everything in house, including hand picking every Feed we deliver.  We love the community of Feed athletes and the highlight of our day is hearing how you do in your next race, event, or morning workout!  
Matt is our founder and is also the President of the Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team.  He is also an avid ski racer and US Master DH Champion.  Matt’s training for to win the FIS World Cup Overall for Masters Ski Racers.
Brandon is our CEO and the former US Ski Team Head Coach (for Women’s Tech) and Mikaela Schiffrin’s personal coach.  Brandon is the US Ski Associations Coach of the year in 2016 and as regarded as on the top ski coaches in the world.  Brandon’s training passion is for Cyclocross, Fat Bike Racing, and pretty much anything on two wheels.  He is training to win the Green Mountain Stage Race this summer as his wedding present to himself.
Dan is our social marketing manager a nationally ranked 10K distance runner.  His PB is XXX.  Dan is 
Jeremy manages all delivery and fulfillment.  If there was an Olympic sport for picking sports nutrition while wearing roller blades, Jeremy would stand on top of the podium.  Jeremey does about 7 miles a day on roller blades inside the Feed Office.  He also can tell you what almost every Feed subscriber has in their box this month.
Ben makes the website tick.  His fingers can type at over 7W/KG.  His typing is FTP is over 120 works per minute.  Ben crushes the wake board, chucks himself off any cliff he can find on his snowboard, and has the “abs” you see in those 10 minute perfect ab videos.  We aren’t quite sure, but think he might be doing some sweet ab workouts when he is waiting for code to deploy to the website. 
Kate is our inspiration.  She is the quintessential Boulder women. Graduated from CU and could never leave. She loves Rock Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, Morning Yoga and afternoon Pilates.  She has been know to swing a leg over her mountain bike once and while, only to return 8 hours and 50 miles later.