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Secret drink of the last 10 major marathon winners and many of the world's elite cyclists

A drink that will instantly make you run faster for longer?

The last 10 major Marathon Winners of New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, London, World Championships 2017 and Nike's Breaking 2 Project all had one thing in common. They were all using a new secret drink mix. This new drink is able to deliver them a sustained source of energy that was never possible before.

In May 2017, the world watched Eliud Kipchoge making history in Monza – when he ran the fastest marathon ever. And there is one thing that Kipchoge has in common with the winners of the ten latest major marathons – they all grabbed a Maurten bottle at the drink stations.

The drink is from a secretive Swedish company, founded by experts from the biotech industry. After many phone calls and emails we were able to meet with the founder in Sweden and have learned the secret behind the drink.

When we left the meeting we negotiated to purchase every serving of the drink mix they had available.


EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale announced that Maurten is the team’s official hydration sponsor for the 2018 season. The partnership with the #ArgyleArmada marks the the company’s entry into professional cycling.

“We’ve worked with the best runners in the world. Now, when entering cycling we wanted to work with the most innovative team – someone that shares our belief in hard work and a scientific approach. And we feel that this is a very, very good match,” said Olof Sköld, CEO and co-founder of Maurten.

Maurten has embraced the opportunity to bring its product to cycling and share the benefits of their science-backed technology with cyclists who compete at the highest level of the sport. EF Education First – Drapac p/b Cannondale will use Maurten Drink Mix and help the company develop new products that rely on hydrogel technology.

“There are few sports that are as demanding as cycling and getting feedback from top riders is crucial for us in our product development," said Sköld. "We know that the team will provide us with invaluable input on how we can develop the next generation of cycling fuel.

"The use of hydrogels is widely considered the next generation of sports nutrition and has already been used with great effect by our team” – Nigel Mitchell

“I have been a fan of drinks that only contain ingredients aimed to support performance for a long time,” said EF Education First – Drapac p/b Cannondale head of nutrition Nigel Mitchell. “Maurten provides both hydration and energy using a unique polymer technology that helps with the delivery of carbohydrates. The use of hydrogels is widely considered the next generation of sports nutrition and has already been used with great effect by our team.”

“I started using Maurten, and for me, it is perfect,” said Pierre Rolland, who took two wins for the #ArygleArmada last year, including the 17th stage of the Giro d’Italia. “The technology behind Maurten’s products can help me on the mountain stages, the days that I’m on the escape, when temperatures are very hot and on the longest days when we burn a lot of calories. The problems with some drinks is the assimilation and the digestion. You must remember that we drink 10-15 bottles every day. What we put into our bodies is so important, and I’m happy we are using Maurten.”

Mitchell agrees: “One of the great things about Maurten is that they’ve minimized the risk of underfueling during races. The neutral flavor reduces the risk of flavor fatigue.”

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