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Maurten Sports Fuel

Maurten is the most innovative sports fuel produced in decades. Maurten's unique hydrogel technology allows you to consume twice the amount of carbs of previous nutrition products without GI distress. For the first time you can now get Maurten delivered every month and save 20%.

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How Maurten Works

By the 1960's, scientists realized that drinking carbohydrates during exercise increased performance. The issue is that our stomachs don't cope well with simple sugars which can lead to GI distress.

Maurten launched a new type of sports fuel by utilizing hydrogels. Hydrogels have been used in the food industry for years, often as thickeners. Maurten found a way to build hydrogels with natural food ingredients and then figured out how to fill these three-dimensional structures with our body's preferred fuel source, carbohydrates.

By combining Alginate (a component of the cell walls from brown algae) and Pectin (a dietary fiber present in many fruits and vegetables), Maurten has created a pH-sensitive hydrogel which acts as a vehicle for carbohydrates. This enables a smooth transport of carbohydrates to the small intestine where they can be absorbed and utilized by working muscles.

With the use of hydrogel's, Maurten has increased the amount of carbs you can consume, reduced the risk of GI distress, and removed all unnecessary ingredients that don't positively impact your performance.

  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or additives
  • Contains only what your body needs to perform
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Allows you to consume nearly 2x the amount of carbs previously thought possible
  • Used for many PR's, Tour de France stage wins and Marathon records

“In the buildup to the Tour de France, nutrition is everything. It’s great to have Maurten supporting us to ensure we’re properly fueled for the longest stages, every day.”

Primož Roglič, Jumbo Visma


“Whether swimming, running, or cycling, I rely on Maurten to fuel all my workouts. In my training, Maurten gives me fast-burning carbs and I never have to worry about any GI distress”

Jan Frodeno, 3-time Ironman World Champion


What does Maurten taste like?

Maurten has no flavors or colors. Most athletes refer to the mildly sweet flavor as being close to maple or agave syrup and find that it's not overpowering and exceptionally easy to consume.

What makes Maurten different from other cheaper products?

Every Maurten product utilizes their hydrogel matrix. Unique to Maurten, this technology allows you to consume higher amounts of carbs per hour with a far lower risk of GI distress and upset stomach. Don't just trust us, trust the countless professional athletes who have used Maurten for their career bests.

Why should I subscribe to Maurten?

Many customers rave about using Maurten in races but complain to us about the cost when it comes to training. We worked with Maurten to reduce the cost for subscribers because we feel it's critical that you train with the same fuel you want to race with.

Why is there a required 3 month commitment?

Maurten is rarely discounted. Why would it be when countless athletes sponsored by other nutrition brands spend their own money on Maurten products to fuel their training and racing. In order to offer Feed Athletes an exclusive discount, we're requiring a three month commitment. If you don't want to commit, you can still make a one-time purchase. However, we know that a Maurten subscription will give you the most from your training allowing you to perform your best at your key races.