Even if you have the healthiest diet imaginable it is hard to give your body everything it needs, especially if you are training as an athlete.

Kyoku is a creamy and delicious breakfast shake that uses 16 superfoods to fill you up without feeling too full. It gives you long-lasting energy for work or workouts.

The best tasting plant-based shake you will find anywhere, we guarantee.

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plant based superfoods

fuel performance and help you recover faster

+ Tart Cherry

Fight inflammation and speed healing

+ Sweet Potato

Provide quality energy, high potassium, promote hydration

+ Beet

Enhances blood flow and recovery

+ Apple

Enhance power output

+ Coconut

Creamy and delicious

+ Turmeric

Supports immune function and is a natural anti-inflammatory

+ Spinach

Improve lung health

+ Chia Seed

Slow-release energy, natural anti-inflammatory

+ Ashwagandha

Celebrated adaptogen in Ayurvedic Medicine, fortify's the body's stress response, enhances resilience, reduces fatigue

+ Chickpea

Provide consistent energy throughout the day

+ Broccoli

Growth and repair of tissues and bones

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Made for Athletes

Long Lasting Energy

Easily Digestible

Helps Recovery

plant-based ingredients

Picked right from the bush, patch, or tree at peak ripeness."

flash frozen

Flash freezing at -40° F locks in the fresh flavor and nutrients.

slowly heated

Heated at a slow, even +140° F to dehydrate the ingredients.

transformed into powder

Blended into an easy, on-the-go mix.

mixed into a shake

Add water or nut milk to your powdered blend and jumpstart your morning routine.

see what athletes are saying

“It’s definitely the best way to get serious about your nutrition“

“Kyoku has completely changed my nutrition by providing me with all-natural and effective ingredients, tailored specifically for me, just a shake away. It’s definitely the best way to get serious about your nutrition and perform like a pro.“

“it gave me a significant boosts on my long run“

“I tried Kyoku a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It gave me a significant boost for my long run and was also a big help on a morning I just had to get out the door quick. I'm training and racing post-collegiately while also working full time. Sometimes sneaking in quality nutrition is a challenge and because of that I love Kyoku.“

rise with kyoku and upgrade your morning

made for athletes - by athletes. high quality daily nutrition made easy.

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kyoku in the news

“Don’t be fooled—this is far more than just another fancy protein shake. Your shakes are designed using plant-based protein only, which include “superfood” ingredients such as beets, tart cherry, green tea extract, turmeric, and ashwagandha.“


How does Kyoku replenish my energy stores?

A hard training session inevitably depletes your body’s glycogen stores, a key energy source derived from digesting protein and carbohydrates. Running out of glycogen stores makes many athletes experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, a near-complete loss of energy, and the inability to focus. Our Superfood Shakes contain glycogen-rich ingredients such as Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Brown Rice which are specifically designed to replenish your depleted nutrient stores.

Why plant-based superfoods?

Health and wellness communities agree that diets emphasizing fresh, whole food ingredients are superior for overall wellness. Superfoods are nutritionally dense and laden with naturally occurring antioxidants and micronutrients. This is why we wanted to use only natural, wholesome ingredients. Furthermore, plant-based ingredients are far more environmentally sustainable. These ingredients produce fewer greenhouse gases, use less land, and consume less water compared to animal-based protein counterparts.

Why consume a Superfood Shake?

According to leading doctors, dietitians, and personal trainers, what you consume on a daily basis directly impacts the way you feel and perform. Consuming the optimal amount of protein, carbs, and healthy fats on a daily basis and after training is essential for replenishing your body with the fuel it needs to adapt and recover. Optimal nutrition reduces inflammation, repairs damaged tissues, and allows you to perform better the next day. If you're able to perform better the next day, day-after-day, you'll increase the amount of high-quality training you're able to do over time. As a result, you'll improve faster, reach your athletic goals more quickly, and break your PRs.

Does Kyoku actually work?

Our Superfood Shakes are made with clinically proven plant-based ingredients that contain nutritive properties designed to help you give your body what it needs to perform better based on your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals. Industry-leading doctors and dietitians engineered our personalized system to achieve optimal performance. Therefore, we've empowered countless cyclists to break their PRs, and our products are loved by everyone from weekend warriors to WorldTour pros. We believe in our Superfood Shakes so much that we offer a 30-day PR Guarantee, meaning if you don't break a new PR within 30 days of starting with us, we promise to refine your formula or refund your purchase entirely.

What kind of testing do you do?

We carefully source our ingredients from the highest quality organic farms from all over the world. Additionally, we thoroughly test our products for pesticides, heavy metals, and irradiation.

How does Kyoku repair damaged tissues?

Micro-tears in muscle fibers are a normal part of training, happening when we impose strain on our muscles. Therefore, it is essential to replenish your body with highly digestible protein that contains the full amino acid profile in the effort of growing, maintaining, and repairing your body's soft tissues, including muscle. Although this macronutrient has gained a title as the 'building block of muscle,' not all protein is created equally. Kyoku's plant-based protein blend consists of the best ingredients, such as Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Chickpea, Peas, and Brown Rice. Thus, our Superfood Shakes allow your soft tissue fibers to heal more efficiently and become stronger in the process.

How does Kyoku reduce inflammation and soreness?

Muscle soreness and joint pain experienced after a training session are often associated with mild forms of exercise-induced inflammation. Inflammation can cause pain, slow your recovery process, and even obstruct the progress you’ve made with your training. By managing post-workout inflammation, you can recover faster, protect yourself from overtraining, cause less stress to your body, and perform better the next day. Therefore, our Superfood Shakes leverage clinically proven anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Tart Cherry, Turmeric, and Beet Root.

nutritional facts

clear & transparent ingredients

Other Ingredients: Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Seed Protein (Artesa®), Organic Whole Pea Protein, Organic Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Seed Protein, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Modified food starch (Tapioca), Tapioca Maltodextrin, Natural Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Mixed Tocopherols, Organic Rice Sprouted Protein, Coconut Water, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Coconut Oil, Gum Acacia, Sunflower Lecithin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Coconut Sugar (Organic), Sea Salt, Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract, Guar Gum, Gum Acacia, and Xanthan Gum

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