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How can I sleep better and the benefits of sleep on performance and recovery?
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The Feed's Guide to the TDF: Sleeping Like a Pro

Following a Tour stage, the goal for any team is to move their riders from the finish line to their beds as quickly and effortlessly as possible. While that's the riders' relaxation time, it can be the most hectic time for team staff.

Imagine riding at 60 km/h in the last 10 km of a stage, elbow-to-elbow, with 200 other riders, all the while avoiding obstacles amidst the deafening cheers of up to 100,000 fans. The adrenaline rush can leave riders so shaky they're unable to type on their phones for a good half hour!

With stages wrapping up around 6 PM, riders have to cool down, refuel, travel to the hotel, receive a massage, and dine – all within 4 hours to ensure they hit the sack by 10PM. Post-stage podium appearances and media further cut into this precious recovery time.

So, how do they wind down?

Here's how Tour riders optimize their post-stage recovery:

  1. Cool Down Phase: Riders keep cycling on their trainers to gradually bring their bodies back to a balanced state. Many utilize cooling devices like plunge pools, ice vests, and CoolMitt to reduce their core body temperature and kickstart healing.
  2. Refueling Phase: On the bus, riders consume a high-carb meal with protein to capitalize on the golden window of recovery. Most also include a recovery shake like SwissRX Total Recovery Shake, especially if they can't stomach the rice meal.
  3. Recovery Phase: On the way back to the team hotel, some riders will use pneumatic compression devices like Normatec and JetBoots before a light message by the team's soigneurs.
  4. Sleeping Phase: Pillar's triple magnesium drink comes in handy here. One scoop mixed with water before bed eliminates restless legs and cramps, enhancing sleep quality.
  5. Staying Asleep: Waking up mid-sleep is a common issue. Quicksilver Lipocalm is the perfect remedy, quieting an active mind and ensuring a goodnight's rest without morning grogginess.

Professional Recovery: Pillar

Introduced to The Feed this February, Pillar quickly gained traction among top-tier athletes like Jan Frodeno. This triple magnesium drink is a bedtime favorite among our athletes. At just over $1 a night, it is the best investment you can make for a better night's sleep.

Your Checklist

After all that, you now have a simple guideline to follow for hard training days and late races. So for sleep as revitalizing as a Tour de France pro, follow this checklist:

  1. Cool down with CoolMitt after your workout.
  2. Have a SwissRX Total Recovery shake for quick refueling.
  3. Spend 20 minutes in your Normatec or JetBoots.
  4. Drink a glass of Pineapple Pillar before bed.
  5. If you wake up during the night, try Lipocalm to help you return to sleep.
  6. Then when you wake up, check out the Victus BEFORE the pre-workout drink. It tastes like lightly flavored water that packs a punch of energy and motivation. It's a Feed Favorite right now!

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