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What are the best gifts for athletes this year?
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The Athlete Gift Guide

Here at The Feed, we're as excited as you for the holidays. As athletes ourselves, we know that finding the perfect gift for a health enthusiast can be tricky. So for the gift-giving season, we've laid out some of the best products we have and why we love them.


Direct from Sweden these are my favorite hydration packs. They never bounce and the Outlander let's you carry 3L of gear including 1.5L of Hydration. Just enough for 3 hour workout without becoming too heavy.

These packs are the favorite of all our pros. My go to is the Outlander 3 with a removable outer pouch for tools or cold weather gear.

Therabody Smart Goggles

This is the most fun product I tested out for the gift guide. You put them on to relax, sleep, get back to sleep, or just chill. They massage, vibrate, and heat. They even sense your heart rate and adjust the treatment based on your own biofeedback. Get Therabody Smart Googles for yourself or a lucky recipient.


Maurten is the most innovative sports fuel produced in decades. Their unique hydrogel technology has increased the amount of carbs you can consume, reduced the risk of GI distress, and removed all unnecessary ingredients that don't positively impact your performance. The Gel 100 delivers a big bump of carbs that are encapsulated, where those simple carbohydrates are smoothly transported into the intestine.

Is it proven? Well, it’s been used by Kipchoge to break the 2-hour marathon world record, by more than 10 teams in the 2021 Tour de France, and by the winners of the NYC, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Chicago Marathons.

We love the performance-focused mission of their products. Their emphasis on effective fueling with minimal barriers unlocks better training and racing for everyone. It's a perfect gift to make someone go faster...


The Jetboots make the recovery process so much more enjoyable. We know that finding a routine that fits your schedule and needs can be tough. Whether you choose a stretching routine, some recovery supplements, or a hot bath to relieve muscle soreness, sometimes it’s just not enough...or you can be trying too hard.

Therabody RecoveryAir uses a pneumatic compression system in their Jetboots to provide top-notch recovery anywhere, anytime. We love the fact that they’re completely wireless – it’s like a portable massage. Just slip the boots on, select your program on the app, and relax.


What’s the first thing you want to do after a long/hard training session? Take those shoes off. The OOFOS lineup of sandals and slides are specifically made to support your feet and provide the most comfortable platform you could imagine. They’re made with OOfoam™ technology and are like walking on clouds.

These are absolutely awesome to put on after a long day of work, training, or racing… and equally useful on a daily basis or working from home.

Hyperice Normatec 3.0

Recovery can become a workout of its own. With an endless list of tools and tricks, you probably don’t know where to begin. If you’re willing to invest in the best tech available, then you’ll find the Normatec 3.0 is about all you need. These pneumatic compression boots are one of the best recovery modalities available.

The Normatec 3.0s act like a personalized, portable masseuse and help flush fluid through your legs, pushing “the bad out and the good in”. All you have to do is slip them on, turn on the controls, and pick your desired routine. This is recovery at its finest.

Bivo Bottle

Have you been looking for another option to sifting through old, moldy plastic bottles? The Bivo has reimagined what we’ve seen in a plastic alternative to cycling bottles. Their Bivo One and Duo bottles are lightweight, sleek, clean. and don’t linger with other tastes. If you want to step it up, you can even get the new insulated Bivo Trio for keeping cool during long sessions.

Take this bottle on your next ride and get ready to pitch the plastic. It’ll easily become a staple to your training sessions. Fun fact: you can empty a Bivo bottle faster than you can squeeze most traditional 21oz plastic bottles.

Aletha Hip Hook

Whether office workers or professional athletes, we all have some chronic tightness in the psoas muscles. These are the pesky things that pull our hips down and can create problems all over the body. Contrary to popular belief, stretching alone won't fix a tight psoas. The Hip Hook eliminates tightness deep within the hip flexor and quickly reduces strain in the legs, hips, and lower back.

The Hip Hook’s key difference is how simple and versatile it is to use. Placing the Hook adjacent to the top of your hip bone, you can manipulate the lever and your weight to target your iliacus at will.

Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2

The Hyperice lineup of recovery tools has just gotten even better. Their Hypervolt GO 2 is easier than ever for unlocking therapy on the go: at work, in the airport, or at your next event.

The portability and ease of use is unrivaled. The GO 2 is strong enough to get deep into your soft tissue and work out pain and discomfort, help with faster recovery, and get you back in action. Most of all, it’s small design makes it easy to use on hard to reach areas no matter where you "GO".


One of the best-kept secrets of the pros is the CoolMitt™. It’s a portable, easy-to-use system that leverages the palms of the hands to dump heat – cooling the blood and rapidly reducing the core temperature from the inside out. It essentially allows your body to perform at a much more efficient temperature without facing the effects from a rising core temp.

Pro teams are using this noninvasive and simple method to take advantage of one of the most effective thermoregulators we have: our palms.

The CoolMitt™ is a glove-like mitt that you slide onto one of your hands before training/racing, in between intervals, or prior to bed. It’s impressively simple and incredibly effective.

Brazyn Collapsible Roller

The foam roller has been a staple in most athlete’s recovery quiver for a long time. They’re simple and effective, but they’ve had their limitations with being portable and travel-friendly. Now, the Brazyn Collapsible Roller has taken your last excuse (to not foam roll) away.

The Collapsible Roller is just as effective as a conventional roller but breaks down flat for easy stowing or transportation. These are a must have gear item for those that travel often to events. They even offer two options to suit your preferences as well. The TREK is the smooth **version where as the MORPH has a nubbed surface with more texture.


If you’re a runner, cyclist, or general athlete…we can almost guarantee you’ve got tight hamstrings and calves. Stretching is good but doesn’t really check all the boxes for improving long-term flexibility.

Castleflexx is the first-ever device that helps with full-body strength, flexibility, and mobility. Once you have this, you never have to worry about a resistance band smacking you or overstretching yourself.

What’s the trick? Once you slide your ankle in the pocket, the fabric goes over your foot to put it into dorsiflexion. Then, you lay on your back and guide the stretch from the brushed aluminum bar and cork handles. The bar has a small 2lb weight that makes a world of difference – you aren't pulling on your leg. The weight does most of the work for you.

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