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How to eat better, fuel workouts, and lose weight.

High-Performance Nutrition Habits to Establish for the New Year

We are excited to present this webinar from our partners Fuelin to The Feed community. They share tips on nutrition habits for 2023 and mistakes to avoid during the pre-season. It's graciously hosted by our Fuelin sports nutrition coaches Scott Tindal and Elizabeth Inpyn.

About Fuelin

Fuelin is the world's first training-based nutrition coaching program that takes the guesswork out of daily nutrition, fueling, and hydration for endurance athletes. The Fuelin app syncs with TrainingPeaks, Today’s Plan, and Final Surge and provides athletes with a personalized nutrition program based on their training plan and goals.

About Scott Tindal

  • Co-founder of Fuelin and Nutrition coach to professional, executive, and age group endurance athletes.
  • 20+ years of experience in professional sports. Digital advisory board member at IRONMAN. The former head of performance nutrition for Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Team Oracle USA (sailing).
  • Post Grad Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition - ISSN | MSc, Sports and Exercise Medicine - Queen Mary University of London

About Elizabeth Inpyn

  • Performance Nutrition Coach to pro athletes through recreational endurance athletes with a focus on female and plant-based athletes.
  • Triathlete and former NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player.
  • Certified sports nutritionist - ISSN and Plant-based nutrition certification | MS in Sports Nutrition | BS in Biochemistry


  • Top nutrition and fueling mistakes during the pre-season
  • Key habits to establish for breakthrough performance in 2023
  • Open Q&A (Ask any of your nutrition and fueling questions)
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Webinar Highlights

Athlete Mistakes

  • Not establishing baselines
  • Creating goals without systems
  • Lack of reflection
  • Following a “one” macro approach
  • Too much focus on equipment and not themselves

5 Common Goal Mistakes

  • Changing everything at once
  • Starting with huge habits
  • Seeking a result, not a ritual
  • Not changing your environment
  • Assuming small changes don’t matter

Habit Formation

  1. Make it obvious (cue)
  2. Make it attractive (crave)
  3. Make it easy (response)
  4. Make it satisfying (reward)

Breaking a Habit

  1. Make it invisible
  2. Substitute it
  3. Remove triggers
  4. Be your new identity

Fuelin with Purpose

Training-based Nutrition with Focus

  • Primary purpose?
  • Training focus?
  • Target weight?
  • Time-restricted feeding?
  • Goal method?
  • Fasted sessions?

Key Takeaways

  • Get your systems in place
  • Be objective in your approach
  • Set yourself up for success in the kitchen
  • Consistency and adherence always win

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