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A Guide to The Traithlon Pre-Season

Crowie's Guide to the Triathlon Pre-Season: Actionable Steps to Make 2023 Your Best Year in Multisport

The Feed welcomes 5x IRONMAN World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander to another webinar.

In this exclusive presentation Crowie will discuss his checklist for the pre-season, and explain how to use this period to jumpstart your upcoming year in triathlon.

Topics include:

  • Why it’s time to recalculate your training zones
  • Strength training you should be doing now
  • How to optimize your swim, bike and run mechanics
  • Assessing & improving your fueling strategies …and much more!

Watch the full webinar here.

Webinar Highlights


Define: We don’t train the same way (focused on the same areas) all year long.

What does that look like?

  • Race Season: post your last big race
  • Off-Season: 2-3 weeks – little to no training, moving and having fun
  • Pre-Season: 2-3 months – more intention with the plan, laying the groundwork

Pre-Season Goals

  1. Re-calculate your Training Zones: conduct a test soon after resuming official training to clarify where your zones are
  2. Work on Strength Gains: this time can be perfect for adding in a muscular-focused load, building strength prior to your normal season
  3. Fine-tuning: core strength + stability work can really improve compliance, muscle activation, and general performance as well as working on form + fit.
  4. Work on Nutrition and Fueling Strategy: this time can be ideal for either adjusting or testing your fueling requirements, including things like g/hr, recovery methods. modes of fueling, and sweat tests.

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The Feed. / Thursday, March 9, 2023