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Ben Kanute

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Dialing in my training and racing nurtrition is essential, and The Feed has all of the tools and information I need to maximize my performance. It’s been amazing to have so many different options, and work with the team to make my nutrition plan that much more successful. The race season is quickly approaching, and I’m looking forward to executing it all on race day.

Ben Kanute

Top 4 reasons you will love The Feed.

1. Our expert coaches will build a personalized fueling plan for you. Chat live, call, or email them right now. Try asking Amazon what gel to use on your next ride or run and let us know how that goes.
2. Single Servings. Only at The Feed can you buy single servings of almost every product making it easy to try something new or mix up flavors without having to buy a whole box.
3. One place to get everything. We have all your favorite brands plus many new brands that you are going to fall in love with.
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Our mission is to make your next workout even better. Whether it is a ride, run, or race we are here to get you everything you need to fuel your breakfast, workout, and recovery.