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Daily Supplement Pouch for Athletes

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As an athlete, you have greater nutrient needs. Feed Formulas makes your daily supplement routine easy.

Get your Formula for More Energy

No more opening bottles
No more counting pills
28 once-a-day pouches
Each pouch is made for you
Choose a pre-made formula by our expert doctors
Customize from over 80 different supplements

Take the guesswork out of your supplement regimen

Try Today: Strava PR’s Guaranteed

We Don't Do Drugstore Supplements

We would never take a generic supplement or drugstore brand, nor should you.
We only use top-shelf products from the world's best athlete-focused supplement brands.

Meet Our Experts

Pro Athletes pay our experts thousands of dollars to create them supplement protocols.
You are getting this same expertise for free.

Why Feed Formulas?

We developed Feed Formulas to provide you the same protocols that our top pro athletes use for supplements.

Like these pros, Feed Formulas only uses branded supplements from the highest quality and trusted companies like Thorne, SwissRX, Sound Probiotics, Puori, HVMN, TruNiagen, and more...(we never use low-quality generics like everyone else is doing).

Each formula combines different supplements that work in harmony for a more effective result. Dr. Kevin Sprouse (EF Pro Cycling Team Doctor) designed all five Feed Formulas based on what he prescribes to his Tour de France athletes.

Your Formula comes in a convenient daily pouch made just for you — no more messy bottles on your counter. Just take your one pouch for the day, and you are ready to train.

Brands that are included in the Formulas

No Generics

While there are other daily pill pack solutions, they all use the lowest cost generic pill. We as athletes need the highest cost pills for higher bioavailability, efficacy. So, we said, never a generic and always the highest quality pills from Thorne, SwissRX, etc

No Bottles

8-10 bottles is an eyesore on your counter, and it's a pain to open each bottle. It's much easier to have one pack that you never forget... And it's great for travel


“As an older athlete racing World Cup XC, I notice even more how the Athlete Formula is helping my energy and ability to recover faster.”

Emily Batty, Canyon / RedBull


“These are the same formulas, with the same branded supplements, that my pro athletes are using.”

Dr. Kevin Sprouse, EF Pro Cycling Team Doctor



Can I customize my order?

Yes! While we start with doctor recommended base formulas, all orders can be customized with optional add-ons to help match your specific goals.

How long will it take to feel a difference from my new supplement regimen?

While some formulas, like the Pre-Workout Formula, are fast acting, most athletes notice the biggest differences after 4-6 weeks of daily usage. Like all forms of supplementation, consistency is critical for optimal efficacy of Feed Formulas.

Why are certain upgrade options powders or liquids?

When we created Feed Formulas, we decided it was critical to use the best possible products. Sometimes, the best product isn't available as a pill, or the required dosage is too large to fit in capsules. While not every product fits in our pouches, you can be sure you're getting the best supplements for your goals when you purchase Feed Formulas.

Can I order a one-time order?

Feed Formulas is only available as a subscription because supplements require consistency to provide optimal health benefits. However, you can pause, change, or cancel your subscription at any time.