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We set out to find a supplement company we could trust for the world's top endurance athletes. Our quest led us to SwissRX. SwissRX takes a "spare-no-expense" approach to procuring they highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients. Ingredients too expensive for most supplement companies to use. For the first-time, SwissRX is now available to athletes of every level.

SwissRX products work better because they contain better ingredients.

I'm sure you have seen countless supplement companies pointing to clinical studies supporting their products. Many of these companies all point to the same studies but seldom use the actual ingredients from these studies in their actual products. Often this is because Clinical Studies use ingredients that are extremely high quality, made to ensure their study will collect accurate data but are very expensive or difficult to source due to it being patented by a Biopharma company.


This is where SwissRX's spare-no-expense approach really makes a difference, they source the exact same ingredients used in the Clinical Studies regardless of cost. They go to each patent holder and negotiate a sourcing arrangement (often exclusively). The result for the athlete is a supplement that is of the utmost purity, bioavailability, and effectiveness.

SwissRX travels the globe to find the best ingredients, procuring its Omega 3s from bottom-of-the-food-chain fish from the coast of southern Chile, Vitamin K2 from the top research lab in the Netherlands, a patented Collagen from Germany, or Elderberry from the mountains of Switzerland. 

Dosages backed by science to be effective

Once you have the best evidence-based ingredients, no supplement formula will work if the dosages are too small. SwissRX follows the research to figure out the right therapeutic dosing of each ingredient. This approach is what makes the difference from taking a pill to taking what you need that is effective to optimize your health and performance.

Test & Test Again.

SwissRX's single location manufacturing is as thoughtful as it's ingredient sourcing. All incoming raw materials are tested at a state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory. Then all product is mixed in dedicated blending rooms following strict protocols to avoid any cross-contamination. Then each batch of product is made in dedicated rooms that go through an 8-hour cleaning, drying, and testing inspection after each batch. Then the finished product is tested for ingredients, purity, and strength.

SwissRX Product Guide

Here is a quick start guide on each SwissRX Product, covering what the products are for, how to use them in your training, and what makes them special. This guide is meant as a quick summary of each product so you can understand the full line up and decide which products will be best to help you improve your training and overall health.

Athlete Daily Routine

These 4 products are part of the daily supplement routine that SwissRX has found to be most effective and beneficial for all athletes:

SwissRX Multi-Vitamin

The original SwissRX product, this powerful Multi-Vitamin was designed specifically for athletes and focuses on the unique energy demands of athletes versus non-athletic people. Specifically, it helps athletes produce more energy in their cells by addressing three core needs: 1. It provides you fuel in the form of micro-nutrients to make more energy, 2. Increases the absorption of that fuel in your cells so it can be converted to energy in the form of ATP, and 3. Cleans up the waste (free radicals) from the extra energy utilization using a powerful cocktail of anti-oxidants.

SwissRX Omega 3

Omega-3s counteract inflammation, reduce joint pain, and help keep the line of your arteries smooth and clear to allow for the maximum amount of oxygen-rich blood to reach your working muscles. An Omega-3 supplement should be part of every athlete's daily routine. Yet, I've hated every Omega-3 supplement I've tried until SwissRX. Every other Omega-3 supplement had some sort of fishy taste or fishy burps (the worst). SwissRx is 100% free of anything fishy. They use low-on-the-food chain fish from the rural coast of Chile, get it to market within 3 to 6 months from capture, and are one of the only Omega-3s that goes through the expensive process to rebuild each EPA and DPA fatty acid with its original triglyceride backbone, making it bio-identical to the Omega3 found in the fish and 70% more bioavailable than other Omega-3 supplements.

SwissRX Vitamin D3 with K2

Almost all endurance athletes have insufficient levels of Vitamin D, despite getting regular sun exposure. Supplement with Vitamin D3 is an easy way to address this and rise to sufficient levels. Increasing Vitamin D will increase your absorption of calcium and it's important to make sure that absorption is going into your bones and not calcifications in your arteries. To solve this, you add a specific version of Vitamin K2 called MK-7 (discovered and patented by Dutch researcher Dr. Leon Shurgers), as it stays active in your bloodstream for 72 hours (versus only 4 to 8 hours for other forms of Vitamin K2). SwissRX uses this patented form of MK-7 Vitamin K2 called MenaQ7 Pro.

SwissRX Probiotic & Probiotic 100 Billion

We have all heard about the need to keep a healthy gut flora. There are countless probiotics on the market, but few, if any, have the diversity of SwissRX's Probiotic formula. Diversity is crucial to fueling all forms of healthy gut flora, not just a few strains. There are 7 "species" of probiotics and many strains inside each species. Most probiotics talk about diversity in regards to including different strains, but what you really want is diversity between different "species" and "strains". SwissRX has 6 of the 7 species and multiple strains inside each of these species. It also includes the powerful probiotic saccharomyces boulardii that attaches to c.diff, candida, an e.coli and flags it for removal from your gut. SwissRX Probiotic has 20 Billion CFUs and is for daily usage. SwissRX Probiotic 100 Billion is the same formula with 100 Billion CFUs for times of high stress, training volume, travel, and competition.

Athlete Recovery Packs

These 3 products are the cornerstone of SwissRX's Athlete Recovery program to knock out inflammation from either the stress of training or injury and help flood injured tissues with additional Collagen to assist in healing.  Best when used in combination and just before bed at night

SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex

If you're suffering from any injuries in your knees, back, or shoulder, then you first have to address the inflammation associated with this pain so that healing can begin. Soft Tissue Complex is a daily packet of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds (Turmeric, Flavanoids, Vascuzyme, and Gabanol) that combines all 4 products (8 pills in total) into one packet. Take it whenever you have soft tissue (tendon, ligament, muscle) related injury or after hard training days. We like to take it at night right before bed and often combine it with SwissRX Collagen.

SwissRX Collagen

The collagen you see on the market today might be great for hair and skin, but it does little for healing tendons, ligaments, and joints. The length of the collagen protein has to be a very specific molecular size for the collagen to enter into these tissues to help repair them. SwissRX has sourced the two most expensive (and most studied) patented forms of Collagen (the exact molecular size for absorption) and combined it with a patented form of Hyaluronic acid to lubricate your joints. We often combine this product with SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex to control inflammation, creating a better environment for healing. We then flood the injured area with SwissRX Collagen to fuel the healing process.

SwissRX Joint Defense

If you have cartilage related injuries or daily discomfort, then this is the supplement for you. SwissRX uses a specific formulation of Chondroitin Sulfate that applies a proprietary technique to cut it to a very specific dalton size so that it can be absorbed into your cartilage tissue. It has been shown in studies to have significant improvements in only 4 weeks in patients with joint discomfort. The formula pulls moisture into the joint tissues, hydrates them, and allows for better compression when pressure is applied.

Gut Health Pack

To address the gastrointestinal issues of athletes, SwissRX has a complete formula that combines 3 products.  Gut Health and Gut Defense, and SwissRX Probiotic (listed above as part of the Athlete Daily Routine):

SwissRX Gut Health

Healthy gut function is key for optimal athletic performance, SwissRX Gut Health is the ultimate gut cleanse to rid yourself of toxins with a prescription-strength Immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that hunt antigens such as bacteria, viruses, and other toxins present in your gut. They then bind to these antigens, stop them from replicating, and signal them for removal (via your stool). It's an incredibly effective formulation with over 43 clinical studies showing it's effectiveness and is the same raw material as used in the prescription-only drug EnteraGam.

SwissRX Gut Defense

The final piece of the SwissRX Gut Trio (along with Gut Health, and Probiotic) is a tasty chocolate shake to stop leaky gut and reduce gut inflammation. Some form of "Leaky Gut" is very common with athletes. When you train you shunt blood away from your gut to your working muscles, then you fill your gut with hydration, gels, chews, and other fuel and it wreaks havoc on these tissues, leading to inflammation and small gaps in your gut's mucous membranes. These small "leaks" can then let bacteria and toxins enter your bloodstream, causing even more inflammation and other more severe issues. SwissRX Gut Health heals your gut lining and fills in these leaks with a therapeutic dosage of L-Glutamine (4 full grams!) to reduce inflammation and N-acetyl D-glucosamine to seal up the leaks.

High Performance

SwissRX focuses on the single most impactful performance booster, increases the amount of oxygen-rich blood you can carry to your working muscles with its unique formulation to boost Nitric Oxide.

SwissRX Nitric Oxide

This is the first pure performance boosting product from SwissRX. Boosting Nitric Oxide levels dilates your arteries so that more oxygen-rich blood can flow to your working muscles. This is not new. What is new is that SwissRX has found a better way to boost Nitric Oxide levels faster and lasting a full 5 hours. Most Nitric Oxide products use L-Arginine to do this. While that works, it boosts Nitric Oxide after 3 hours, but then has a very quick fall off. SwissRX studied the research and found that using L-Citrulline is more effective as it boosts your body's internal L-Arginine levels and that results in a faster rise in Nitric Oxide (2 hours versus 3 hours to reach peak levels) and, more importantly, the peak levels are maintained for 5 full hours versus quickly falling off.

SwissRX Additional Supplements

SwissRX Turmeric

Knocking out inflammation is the key to athletic recovery. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and we have had lots of success in using this unique SwissRX formula in reducing both injury and post-training related inflammation. What makes it unique is that they use the whole Turmeric plant, not just an extract like almost every other brand. The formulation has been shown to reduce systemic inflammation by 88%. It's also part of the SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex or you can use it as a stand-alone supplement to increase your dosage or for managing day to day inflammation. We like taking it right before bed for better next-day recovery.

SwissRX Buffered Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important to take daily and especially when you think you might be getting sick. The problem is that getting a truly effective dosage (i.e. 2 to 3 grams every 4 hours to 6 hours) can lead to GI distress for most people. SwissRX set out to solve this issue for athletes and has buffered it's Vitamin C with various minerals which reduces or eliminates GI distress for athletes while enabling them to still take an effective (and high dosage) of Vitamin C to boost their immune health.