Nike Marathon
Nutrition Pack

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  • Exclusive: Maurten Hydration/Energy drink
  • 1 Week of Nutrition (14 items)

Sports Fuel Reinvented

Available in the USA at The Feed.

Expert Nutrition

Preparation, hard work, and training for your next marathon mean nothing without proper sports nutrition. When breaking down a marathon and what an athlete needs to fuel his or her journey, one must realize that their body is like a fuel gauge. Keep it topped off! A marathon mandates high levels of exertion and each component of the fueling process is vital for one’s success. We look at fuel sources for a marathon in 3 major categories. Hydration - Energy - Recovery. None of these categories can be overlooked and we emphasize this with all of our athletes. You wouldn’t show up to a marathon unprepared… so do your body a favor and train it with the proper fuel sources.

What’s inside your pack:

Maurten Drink Mix 160 / Single Serving x3
HOTSHOT Single Serving x1
Clif Bloks Spearmint / Single Serving x1
Clif Bloks Salted Watermelon / Single Serving x1
Honey Stinger Gluten Free Organic Waffles Wildflower Honey / Single Serving x1
Bonk Breaker Bars Mint Chocolate Chip / Single Serving x1
Fluid Recovery Chocolate Wave / Single Serving x2
Gu Energy Gel Vanilla (with Caffeine) / Single Serving x2
Good Day Chocolate Sleep / Single Serving x1
Clif Bar Organic Energy Food Banana Maple Oatmeal / Single Serving x1