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The Feed has everything to meet your quick energy needs. Whether you prefer the larger Clif Bloks, or the smaller Honey Stinger Energy Chews, we have it all and in a variety of flavors, so you're sure to find something you like!

 Why should I use chews?

Carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel for working muscles. As muscle glycogen (carbohydrate stores) run out, you can experience bonking. Chews, like gels, contain fast absorbing carbs that are easy to digest and keep energy stores topped off during exercise. This can help boost endurance performance and prevent bonking!

If they're similar to gels, when should I opt for chews vs a gel?

This is a personal preference. Both chews and gels do essentially the same thing, but some people prefer the gummy texture of a chew and don't like the viscosity of gels. You can always alternate between gels and chews to prevent flavor and texture fatigue during exercise.

When should I use chews?

Like with the gels, it's best to save the chews for training sessions or competitions that are over an hour, when you're more likely to deplete your energy stores. Your glycogen stores will last for 2-3 hours, but it's a good idea to top them off after about an hour before they start running out.

How do I use chews?

It's a good idea to aim for around 60 grams of carbs per hour during endurance exercise, but you may be able to tolerate more or less depending on the person. Having one serving of chews (usually 1/2 the package) every 30-45 minutes is a great way to do this.

Do I have to drink water with chews?

Yes, because chews are thicker and don't contain much moisture, you want to be sure to drink plenty of water with chews in order for the nutrients to get delivered to your working muscles and to prevent dehydration. Some chews are higher in electrolytes, so they can further help with hydration.

When should I use chews with caffeine?

Caffeine is a legal performance enhancer and can help ward off physical and mental fatigue during long events. Have some chews with caffeine every couple of hours during long rides or runs, especially during the second half. You can also have chews with caffeine 15-30 minutes before a hard training session or race. It's best not to exceed 400-500mg of caffeine in a day, so you may need to spread them out accordingly.

Why do chews have so much sugar?

Sugar is an easy to digest, fast absorbing carbohydrate that can immediately be used by your muscles for fuel. Although it's a good idea to limit sugar throughout the day, it does serve a purpose during exercise and will be burned immediately for energy.

What are your most popular chews?

  1. Clif Bloks: these bloks are perfectly portioned to provide the optimal amount of carbs, calories, and electrolytes per block. They come in a variety of fruity and more unique flavors to help prevent flavor fatigue
  2. Skratch Labs Energy Chews: these chews are made with real fruit flavor, natural cane sugar, and are dipped in a sour, sugary coating to give them a unique taste that sets them apart from your average chew
  3. Honey Stinger Energy Chews: true to their name, Honey Stinger formulated these chews using honey, a natural clean burning source of energy. Not to mention, they contain 100% of your daily vitamin C needs!

Why buy chews from The Feed?

Instead of having to purchase a box of all of the same flavor or brand of chews, here at The Feed we allow you to customize your box to your liking. Want one of every flavor of Clif Bloks in your box? Want to try one of each brand of chews? The Feed is your one stop shop and we'll ship it right to your door.