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After School Grade 4 through 8

After School Grade 4 through 8

  • Guaranteed treats they won't want to "trade" at lunch
  • Great source for energy throughout the day
  • Clean and healthy ingredients
  • 10 Products


Back to school season is a fantastic time to establish new routines and better habits for your children. As your children's schedule begins to fill up make sure they are staying properly fueled with healthy snacks. The Feed's *NEW* After School Box provides your kids with high-quality snacks that are low in sugar and non-GMO. Don't spend your valuable free time running to the grocery store. The Feed will send nutritious snacks that your children will enjoy right to your door step!

What's Inside 

Bars: The After School Box contains 5 different kids specific bars. Honey Stinger, Clif, Hero and RxBar have all designed bars with your children in mind. The typical nutrition or energy bar is created with a full grown adult in mind. These kids bars will provide your children with the appropriate amount of nutrition and energy to focus in the classroom and tackle all of their extracurriculars. 

Snacks: Sugar filled snacks may be easy to find in your local grocery store, however, finding nutritional benefits in those products is impossible. Do not send your child to school with a snack that give them a sugar crash in the afternoon. Mrs. Barr's Kids Trail Mix, Clif Z Fruit and Think Jerky are all organic, healthy options for your children to snack on during the school day. They are made with kids in mind and taste great! They will quickly become a favorite for your child. 

On The Go: Whether or not your child slept in and does not have time for breakfast or if they are rushing to soccer practice after school, make sure they stay well fueled. Clif Organic Energy Food is a nutritious, fun product that your kid will love. Throw one in their backpack as a quick meal replacement. The squeezable pouch makes them fun to eat!

Hydration: The days of sugary sports drinks are long gone. Nuun Vitamins are a convenient way for your child to get all of the nutrients they would get from a sports drink without all of the sugar. This product will give your child's water bottle a fun boost of flavor and nutrients. 


What’s inside your pack?

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RxBar Kids Single Serving / Apple Cinnamon Raisin $1.59 x1
RxBar Kids Single Serving / Chocolate Chip $1.59 x1
Clif Kid Z Bar Filled Chocolate Peanut Butter $1.20 x1
Clif Kid Z Fruit Grape / Single Serving $0.99 x1
Clif Kid Z Fruit Strawberry / Single Serving $0.99 x1
Clif Kid Z Bar Iced Oatmeal Cookie / Single Serving $0.99 x1
Hero Fuel Kids Bar Chocolate Nut Brownie / Single Serving $2.50 x1
Hero Fuel Kids Bar Cookies N' Cream / Single Serving $2.50 x1
Mrs. Barr's Kids Handmade Trail Mix 1oz / Stepmonster's Trail Mix $3.99 x1
Honey Stinger Kids Gluten Free Waffles Honey Cinnamon / Single Serving $1.10 x1
Honey Stinger Kids Gluten Free Waffles Wildflower Honey / Single Serving $1.10 x1
Nuun Vitamins Blueberry Pomegranate / Single Serving $0.45 x1
Clif Bar Organic Energy Food Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal / Single Serving $1.99 x1
Think Jerky Single Serving / Classic Beef Jerky $3.99 x1
The Feed Pouch Kids $0.00 x1