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After School Collegiate Box

After School Collegiate Box

  • Tasty treats to get you through campus
  • Sweet and Savory Flavors
  • Quick Fuel and Sustained Energy
  • 20 Products


Parents, lets make sure your college student is eating properly. While Hot Pockets and Coors Light are part of the traditional college diet, make sure you can still recognize your child when they come home for break. The Feed After School Collegiate Box allows you to send your child proper nutrition to help them stay well fed. Fuel your college student during those late nights in the library with high quality snacks. Send them to the Rec Center with adequate sports nutrition. Provide them with healthy alternatives to all those dining hall treats. 

What's Inside

Snacks: You and I are still trying to burn off those bags of Doritos, let's not put our children through the same burden. You cannot control everything your college student is eating but providing them with products like Epic Snack Strips, Betty Lou's Bars, Think Jerky and Bobo's Nut Butter Filled Bars will give them some healthy options. 

For the Intramural Field: Maybe your child is not ripping up the NCAA Track and Field Circuit or starring on the court during March Madness, they are probably getting their competitive fix during intramural sports. Honey Stinger Energy Chews, Honey Stinger Waffles, Bonk Breaker Bars are the perfect sideline snacks that will allow your child to star in the Fraternity Flag Football League. 

For the Rec Center: Most likely, for the first time in your child's life, they have access to a state of the art Rec Center! Send them to the gym with quality protein products like Ascent Fuel Whey Protein or Clif Whey Protein Bars. Premium protein products like these will allow your student to bulk up and impress that cutie running on the treadmill. 

Hydration: From that 8am biology class to the late nights in the library and even for the rough mornings after a night out, Nuun Energy is the perfect product! Quality nutrients in a convenient tab that can be easily placed in your child's water bottle, Nuun Energy will keep your college student hydrated regardless of the circumstance. 

What’s inside your pack?

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Honey Stinger Energy Chews Cherry Blossom / Single Serving $2.39 x1
Honey Stinger Energy Chews Grapefruit / Single Serving $2.00 x1
Honey Stinger Waffle Caramel / Single Serving $1.39 x1
Honey Stinger Waffle Honey / Single Serving $1.39 x1
Nuun Energy Hydration Lemon Lime (with caffeine) $6.99 x1
Epic Snack Strips Wagyu $1.99 x1
Epic Snack Strips Venison $1.99 x1
Clif Whey Protein Bar Salted Caramel Cashew / Single Serving $1.67 x1
Clif Whey Protein Bar Peanut Butter Chocolate / Single Serving $1.67 x1
Justin's Nut Butter Chocolate Hazelnut Butter / 1.15 OZ $1.59 x2
Think Jerky Single Serving / Sriracha Honey Turkey Jerky $3.99 x1
Think Jerky Single Serving / Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky $3.99 x1
Ascent Fuel Whey Protein Vanilla Bean / Single Serving $2.99 x1
Ascent Fuel Whey Protein Chocolate / Single Serving $2.99 x1
Justin's Peanut Butter Cups Dark Chocolate / Single Serving $2.25 x2
Betty Lou's Bars Blackberry / Single Serving $1.69 x1
Bobo's Nut Butter Filled Bars Chocolate Almond Butter / Single Serving $3.29 x1
Bonk Breaker Bars Mint Chocolate Chip / Single Serving $2.00 x1
The Feed Pouch Collegiate $0.00 x1