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As you may have seen on the news, our local community has been devastated by fires over the past 24 hours.

Many of our Feed athletes and customers have lost their homes and are still in shock. We want your help in helping them (see below).

1) To all our Feed Athletes affected by the fire and all 1st Responders.

You can get a FREE Feed box with nutrition and snacks at the front door of our office today. The address is 224 Commerce, Suite A1, Broomfield.

2) To our Feed Community (👋please help here)

We are donating 100% of all sales of Feed Bottles directly to the Feed Customers & Athletes that have lost their homes.

👉If you can help, add a bottle (or a dozen!) to an order today.

We have over 5000 bottles in stock. If everyone buys a few, we can put together over $60,000 to get these families by next week.

3) To all our Feed Customers that have lost their homes

Contact me directly at mattj@thefeed.com, we will divide all the revenue from the bottle sales equally amongst every family and provide you a check/paypal/venmo next week to help with immediate expenses.

Fortunately, our headquarters was on the other side of the street of the evacuation zone and is operating as usual. If you want to see just a snapshot of the devastion, watch this drone footage from when the sun came up this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgP0_9q6VqY




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