You may be curious about why we are now carrying CogniTea tea bags on our website, and here is the reason.  As athletes, we all know the benefits of caffeine. It gives us that little boost needed after waking up, before a workout or during exercise.  It improves blood flow and can also delay muscle fatigue. There are many different ways to ingest caffeine: coffee, energy drinks, tea, sodas, etc.  When we set out to add more diverse forms of caffeine, we looked for products that burn clean, can be used in many different situations, and are healthy for you.  This is why we chose CogniTea.


CogniTea is a small company out of Boston, Massachusetts run by a great group of motivated individuals who were looking for an alternative to the tea currently on the market.  Their tea is an energizing blend of 100 mg of L-Theanine, an amino found in green tea, and 90 mg of natural caffeine from Yerba Mate Leaf, Guayusa Leaf, and Assam Black Tea Leaf.  This proprietary blend of teas reduces the negative side effects of caffeine (think stomach issues and jitters) and is processed by your system much more easily.  Along with the fantastic energy benefits, CogniTea has a subtle mint taste that won’t get bitter if it steeps for too long.  Here at The Feed, we’ve been testing it for a couple weeks now and have become hooked.  We drink it first thing in the morning while powering up for the day and before lunch rides or runs.  Most people don’t think of tea as a pre-workout energizer but it is a great way to boost your energy and warm you up before a chilly winter workout.

CogniTea is sold as a 3 serving sample pack or in a bulk 20 pack.  Give it a try!
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