Back in the early days of cycling, racers chowed down on stale apple pies to fuel them through the mountains, while the grupetto sat up and smoked cigarettes. A lot has changed when it comes to nutrition and fueling on the bike. Now every calorie we ingest, no matter how natural and organic, is filled with hours and hours of testing in the lab. It's not just exercise nutrition that has advanced, but the body types that excel in specific sports has become increasingly fine tuned as well. Just look at the similar body structure of the riders in the 2013 Stage 5 USA Pro Challenge TT. Thin muscular legs, two-dimensional arms, chiseled jaws and large rib cages. NPR just posted a very interesting story about the body shapes and characteristics of world record holders in the past and how they look now. You can listen to the full story here. Or read the whole story, here.   gr-sprinters-948