Do we have your attention now?! The Feed team loves coffee: black, buttered, iced, bulletproofed. All of it. We're excited to announce that we've added Stoked Roasters (hailing from Hood River, OR) to our small but strong roster of great coffee roasters. We're so excited in fact that we went to our friends at the brands making some of our favorite coffee products to create a great coffee giveaway. We're featuring products from Steve's Paleo, Enduro Bites, Simple Squares, Pocket Fuel, Vigilant Eats, Health Warrior, and Stoked Roasters. Coffee Kind has also joined in the fun and we are really excited about it, because they're giving away a few Chemex Classic Wood Collar Coffee Makers. The giveaway runs from February 17 - March 2. There will be 3 winners announced on March 3. What are you waiting for? Go for it! ENTER THE GIVEAWAY Want to learn more about the role of caffeine in athletic performance? Read up here.