Skip the carbon fiber, gabillion dollar presents this year and give The Feed. It's the one gift that every athlete needs and translates directly into being fitter, faster and healthier than ever before. Still need convincing?

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Give The Feed.

1.The Feed is a gift that comes many times a year instead of just once. More presents = more awesome. The Feed is the gift that keeps on giving. We'll help you perform your best, get fitter, and be more awesome. Guaranteed. 2.The Feed is the gift that says, I will share my training secret weapon with you, because I care about you. We've fed some of the top athletes in the world. And boy are they are nutrition obsessed. Proper nutrition, hydration and recovery will translate to results in your training. 3. You care about their health:  The Feed carries the best nutrition available for athletes. We test every product we carry. If we don't think its great, if we don't love it,  we would never offer it to you. 4. It's the perfect way to stick to your New Years Resolution: The Feed  ensures there is always a variety of new exciting stuff fueling every workout. When food is enjoyable, fueling workouts is more exciting. Our nutrition gurus guide and advise every customer. We offer personalized attention ensuring they are using nutrition correctly, and are getting what they need in terms of results. 5. Convenient, fully customizable monthly delivery. The Feed will keep your friend from being that guy. You know, the guy who holds everyone up for 20 minutes at the shop to get nutrition before the bunch ride. Now they will always have nutrition on hand. Always. 6. If you don't know their favorite things, they can pick!  Gift recipients of The Feed can login and choose every product they receive from us. 13 Clif Bars and 6 Powerbar Chews? They got it.  Next month they want 3 Kind Bars, 8 Honey Stinger Gels, and 1 Vega One Shake? They got it. 7. Because you're tired of having to give your nutrition to your friend. If you're tired of constantly emptying your pockets, gym bag and personal stash of treats to your unprepared teammate or friend, you owe it to yourself and them to give The Feed this holiday season. With monthly deliveries, right to their door, they will never be without nutrition again. 8. Every Feed Gift comes with 2 free Camelbak podium water bottles. There is no such thing as having too many water bottles. Trust us on this one. Athletes hoard them. So basically you're giving them water bottles with a value of  $24.99 value, for free. Wow! You're the best! 9. Proper hydration = happiness, health and  watts (read proof, here). Giving the athlete on your list the nutritional knowledge provided by The Feed will ultimately change their life. They will be stronger, healthier and happier in 2014. AND they will have you to thank for it and the podium photos to prove it. 10. Because no one should ever be without Rip Van Wafels. Seriously, it's a crime not to have these on hand. They're so good. Need to add them to your monthly box? Do it. Ready to be the best gift giver ever? Get gifting with The Feed.