This month we're feeling inspired. Lately there's been an barrage of articles, videos and inspirational messages reminding us that it doesn't really matter how far or how fast you go. The only thing that matters is that you get up, get out, and get going! So, in honor of those who go, here are 3 articles to encourage you and keep you motivated. 1. This Girl Can. The UK-based organization, Sport England, has launched a new campaign called This Girl Can. The goal is "to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability." In England, 75% of women say they want to be more active, but various fears of judgment, not being good enough, being the wrong size or lacking the skill is preventing them. Well, here's to empowering women of all shapes and sizes, and all skills and abilities to get out there and celebrate their bodies for moving.
  2. Slow and Steady Does Win The Race We all know that science shows active bodies are healthier than inactive ones. This article, published by the New York Times showed some further, and surprising information. Researchers looked at data from 1,098 people who identified themselves as joggers. Compared to those who said they didn't engage in any type of exercise, the joggers had longer life expectancies. However, when the group of joggers was examined and data was pulled for how intensely people jogged, the findings were surprising. The amount of jogging recommended for prolonged life was between 1 hour and 2.4 hours each week, and the ideal pace was slow. Plodding joggers were shown to live longer than those who jogged faster, and who were, in effect, runners. So, let's hear it for those of us who maybe aren't going to be breaking any speed records, but who still get out there and shuffle around the block, or on the trail. Any movement, even slow, is better than no movement, and might even be better than too much movement! Read the full article here:
 3. 8 Ways to Motivate! The winter months can be tough to maintain your training schedule. But don't let the cold temperatures, the dark and early mornings, the long work hours, or being stuck inside on a trainer stop you from logging a little bike time and getting the most of your workout. Take a few of these tips from VeloNews. Even one or two long rides a month can give you a great base. Try out a spin class, you don't have to worry about the harsh conditions when you're inside listening to fun music and secretly racing the person next to you! And most importantly, grab a friend to train with you. You'll be more likely to complete your workouts when you have a partner keeping you accountable, and plus, life's more fun with company! Read the full article here: