Wow. A little over a year ago we were just an idea, now at The Feed HQ we carry more than 800 products from over 60 brands. It's overwhelming to us, and we can't imagine how it must be to you, that said, here are some of the new favorites we've added in the last month.


[product_grid id="140011"] First of all, if you're looking for some tasty portable protein, you gotta try this. Most importantly: The Sweet Potato Apple tastes like a pie. A portable pie, umm, yum!? Don't be scared of getting your food from a sucky tube. Seriously, these are great.  They are made from only a few whole food ingredients, and nothing artificial. They have a great balance of protein and carbs to keep you full and energized. Better yet, they are the perfect on-the-go snack.


[product_grid id="137420"] Holy flavor overload. This Grainless Granola is uhhhh-mazing. We thought, no way, Bacon flavored granola? Yeah, it's amazing. The Pumpkin tasted like fresh baked pumpkin bread. While you can eat PaleoKrunch straight from the bag, another way we love it is sprinkled over hot or cold cereal. All natural ingredients make up every bag, and even better 15% of your purchase is donated back to helping at-risk-youth.


[product_grid id="140216"] Speechlessly good. We'll admit that we like to write about these a lot as an excuse to open up a pack and taking a bit. If you're looking for a cookie, this is it. Come on, they were created by a Pilsbury Bake Off Finalist! Do we need to say anything more? Our favorite flavor? The Blondie.


[product_grid id="137615"] You know when you're on a road trip and you stop at that random gas station that has fresh made jerky and you're all, wow that looks great and fresh and yum? That's this jerky. It's 100% grassfed beef and seasoned to perfection with juices, salt, pepper and garlic. Then it's sealed tight for freshness and ready for you.


[product_grid id="153406"] If your'e a fan of SKOOP, and you're already super stoked about getting all your super foods from and awesome packet, then get even more stoked for their new B Lovely. This blend of herbs and fruits and more promises to make your skin glow. Add it to your nutrition regimen and now you can not just feel good, but look great too.


[product_grid id="103021"] The makers of the Epic bar have created the yang to Epic's yin. The Gather bar is a 100% vegan bar made from super foods and nutrient rich ingredients like goji berries, pecan meal and for a little extra omg-goodness, Himalayan sea salt. If you're looking for a snack to crunch down on, this will delight you.


[product_grid id="140990"] A master baker had a son who was a cyclist, so he made a bar that was perfect to fuel a workout, and tastes like nothing we've ever tried. And we mean that in the best possible way. These bars are a refreshing change to the every day bar. Our favorite is a tie between Almond Lemon Hot Date and Just Beet It.