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YOU GOT PEANUT BUTTER ON YOUR FACE...OH WAIT, THATS MUD. crosscar Cyclocross is here. The first cyclocross UCI weekend is kicking off in Trexlertown, PA with Nittany Lion Cross this weekend. And soon too many bikes and too many wheels will be packed into cars, that will soon be caked with mud. Are you ready? Are your tires glued? Do you remember how much pressure you like to run? Stay tuned this week for some awesome nutritional advice from some of the top pros and coaches on how to make sure you're tip top for cross. Keep those photos coming. Here are some great ones from @ievenshotthis @rittecycles @coffeeandbikes and @pgball.  Tag your photos with @TheFeedMe to get featured in the next Sunday Spin. The Fall Lull: here is more to life than cycling. Really? Yes. Fall marathons, Tough Mudders, Crossfit, hikes, rock climbing. We believe there is an athlete in everyone, it's just a matter of finding out what you excel at, and then training and fueling it perfectly. Check out this article to see what your body says about what you're great at.   HYDRATE OR ELSE Want to know exactly what you gain when you drink?  The folks over at Camelback have a lot to say about hydration. Watch this video to learn how hydration can help your daily life in some unbelievable ways. More awesome videos on hydration can be found here. That's all for now!