The is now totally customizable.You asked for the ability to completely customize your order, and now you can. Just a few days ago we relaunched The Feed website to allow you to log on, and edit your existing order, build a new one from scratch, or choose and customize one of our existing boxes. Now you can swap in and out bars, chews, gels, hydration and recovery as you wish. Or do nothing, and we'll continue to send our favorites each month. It's up to you. You're in the driver seat, and we're more than happy to help navigate your needs. You can always e-mail us at with any questions. Eat Smart. CycleSmart-er: Alec Donahue on food & cx. Highly sought after cyclocross coach, Alec Donahue loves talking nutrition and making athletes go fast. His athletes are used to long talks and scrolling emails about the perfect prep to be at their best come race day. For Alec, nutrition is the the missing link between racing well and racing awesomely. Naturally, we relished the opportunity to sit down with Alec and pick his brain. Check out Alec's nutrition tips for racing a gut wrenching cross race.  LIFE'S A BREEZE! Breeze Bars have more than the average bar.  Lots of bars can boast to be gluten free, soy free and dairy free, but Breeze Bars have one extra special trait. They're hand pressed, not extruded. This process makes them easier to digest, sit lighter in your stomach and require way less water to break down.  Read more about their process here. 
Falling for adventure.  Thumbing through Instagram it's clear that adventures are a plenty. As always share yours with us by tagging @thefeedme on Instagram. Check out some of our favorites from this week: