...and the fitness will follow.

Okay, I'm gonna let everyone in on a little secret: If you look forward to your sport nutrition, you will eat it. Mind blown? Well it get's better: If you eat your sports nutrition, you will go into every workout more prepared and get more out of every exercise. If you don't just like what you're using to power a workout, but love it, workouts become more powerful. You become fitter. You reach goals faster. You're happier and life goes from great to greatest. It may seem obvious that you should like what you eat, but don't settle for just liking it, love what you're fueling your body with. We encourage you to try new things in your Feed Box each month. Just switch up one thing. If there is something you want to try,let us know. If you have a specific flavor you always crave, tell us. We're here to help. Every bite counts. 


Let's face it, sometimes a chocolate dipped bar can get a bit messy on a hot day, and some pieces of nutrition just can't take the cold. Then others are designed especially for cold, while others are fantastic for heat. As the temperatures drop, take a look at your nutrition. It might be time to switch it up. Pro Cyclist Fabio Calabria has some tips on what to fuel with as the weather drastically changes. CHALLENGE: BEAT THE HOLIDAY BULGE The Holiday Season officially kicks off on Thursday. We are going to give one lucky person the ultimate Beat The Bulge Fuel Pack. Inside is everything you need to invigorate your workout: Vega Pre-Workout Energizer to get you stoked to sweat, Clif BuilderBobo's and Kind bars for nutritious snacking, Justin's to keep you smiling, and some Cliff Electrolyte Hydration to keep you flowing. How can this lucky person be you? Send us your best photos of your holiday work out plan: Show us you working out and staying fit, however you do it. Then, on Cyber Monday (that's one week from today), we'll announce the winner. You got one week. Above are some of your photos for inspiration. To enter, post your photos to our Facebook Pagetweet at us, or tag us on Instagram with @TheFeedMe. Can't wait to see what you got!