From what we hear, you guys were riding and running up a storm this weekend: Cars were packed. Bike races were ridden. Trails were slayed, and out in California, 100 miles were conquered on foot. Some of us hiked a 14er, others floated down creeks, and collectively our tiny office climbed over 10,000 feet, rode 22 hours and chowed down 15 bottles and 10,800 calories. Quite the weekend indeed. Here are some pictures from your weekend. To see more check out the Social Feed. And sign up to get the Sunday Spin delivered straight to your inbox, here. Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.42.51 AM Add your weekend photos to the Social Feed by tagging @thefeedme. We'll pick our favorites and feature them next week's edition of The Sunday Spin. And one lucky winner will win some sweet shwag from The Feed! How to be an athlete 24/7/365: Meanwhile the weekend may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean your athletic prowess has to hold out another 5 days. Be a 24-hour athlete and learn the tips and tricks to stay fit and focused. Read on... to stay tip top, all week long...7958042616_7b8322eeab_b.1 Make Yourself A Morning Person: When you don't have all the time in the world, getting those workouts done in the AM, is best. Read our tips to make sure tomorrow, you're up and at it. Everything you need to wake up at the crack of dawn, is here...1009740_10100586967793751_421959510_nbb62e6 Ride 100 Miles Right: Training for an epic goal? Train right, eat right, recover right. Easy, right? We got Nutrition Tips for Century Rides.  Read on...318842_10100638618535135_185120827_n29667f Experiments in Speed: And if riding 100 miles wasn't enough, how about riding 100 miles per hour? Check it out: ..And don't forget! Tag those photos with @thefeedme on Instagram, to be featured in next week's Sunday Spin and entered to win SUPER awesome goodies from The Feed. Sign up to get the Sunday Spin direct to your inbox, here.