In Boulder, this week was a bit wet and nothing like the photo below: DFLCross So, while Boulder was flooding, canceling all activities except kayaking down the street, life elsewhere went on. The photo above (and below)  is from the "secret" DFL Urban Outlaw Cyclocross Dress Series in San Francisco. Deep inside Golden Gate Park, about 150 men and women emerge from the thicket to congregate in the name of cross for one hour of racing. To avoid the $5 race fee you have to cross dress. So if you ever find yourself in SF, follow the guy in a skirt on a cross bike and join in You're never too old to win. With the right training and the right nutrition you can kick butt and take names at any age. As you get older your nutritional needs change. Mostly you need protein a whole lot more. And you need the kind of protein your body can turn into solid muscle mass. Learn more about keeping your body fit as a fiddle at every age, here. Fall has more to offer than colorful leaves. Autumn's bounty is rich with crops packed with antioxidants, vascular dilators, anti-inflammatory nutrients and much more. Get out to the farm and find the food that will keep you speedy all through the colder months. These are our top picks for fall. Get pickin! (and we included recipes) And of course, enjoy these photos from your week. This week we got pics from @susannebenders @coreymoxen @siggisracing @david_august_trimble & @islandcatch. To see your photos, just tag @thefeedme on Instagram. That's all for now. -The Feed