Eat. Sip. Snap. Post. Tweet. Pedal. Pedal. Snapping photos and riding seem to go hand-in-hand. Being in the thick of the great outdoors, and all that overwhelming scenery, it's obviously the perfect opportunity to show off  how much awesomer your weekend was than almost everyone else's. We totally get it. But is there a proper etiquette in deciding when to stop, pull out that phone and snap away? Do you filter, tag, and post it to Instagram on the spot? Or do you wait until you're home and uploading your ride to Strava? We'd love to know your "technique". In the meantime, here are some awe-inspiring photos from your awesome weekends. This week we're featuring our favorites from @sobiecki@brad_luck, and @brettcleaver. Thanks guys!

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Sometimes you ride to train. Sometimes you ride to eat pastries. There are a lot of amazing general stores, cafe's, rest stops, gas stations, and more, that are ridiculously cyclists friendly, making them famous ride destinations. That's the theme of this Boulder, CO morning ride, aptly named The Doughnut Ride. Hungry? Send us your favorite spots to nosh.  And read on for more mouthwatering photos... Tomorrow is Monday. Your Feed can get you through the week. Not to bring up a sore subject, but tomorrow is Monday, which for most of us means it's time to take off the cycling cleats and slip on the loafers. If you're headed into a jam-packed week of work, grab some goods from your Feed Box. Sub out those greasy fast food lunches for some "faster" food from the Feed. Here are some ways to use the nutrition in your Feed to help fuel your workweek. Want to know why SiS is the nutrition of the speediest athletes? This Thursday, beginning at 3pm EST, SiS Sports Nutritionist, Jill Lecky is taking over our Facebook page and hosting a live Q&A about everything SiS. It's your chance to ask any questions about one of the most pro-preferred nutrition brands in the world. If you can't make the live-chat, email us your questions in advance to  and we'll pass them along. sis-collage-1 Ride a Mountain Bike World Cup course without falling on your face: Yup! Thanks to Claudio Caluori, you can experience (with hilarious nonstop-commentary) what it's like to rip down a World Cup downhill course. Hopefully this fires you up to get out there.  Watch it here.
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