[product_grid id="339521"] Their story: Perfect Bar is a family business through and through. Dr. Bud Keith, the founder, believed that whole foods were the only acceptable source of nourishment for the body. When Dr. Keith passed, his kids decided to honor their father and dedicate their lives and careers to the evolution of their Dad's dream by growing Perfect Bars into the business that it is today. Why are they special? These bars are unique for what they DON’T contain: binding agents found in many higher protein bars. Perfect Bar has subtle flavors and great texture, along with healthy fats and high quality protein. Add these to your work routine and you’ll have sustained energy all day. They're sweetened with organic honey, a complex carbohydrate that will ensure sustained energy levels. And the vegan flavor uses low glycemic organic dates as the sweetener. No refined sugar… ever. Over 20 nutrient-dense organic whole foods provide a good source of vitamins and minerals on-the-go. Plus, with ingredients such as kale, spinach, alfalfa and celery, you will finally be able to tell your mother that you’re eating your vegetables! Great to cool-down with in the heat as the bars taste best when served frozen. Nutrition: Each bar contains around 330 Calories, 17g of protein, and all organic whole food ingredients, which means they are full of potassium and sodium! They're also available in Perfect Bar Mini. How to use: A healthy snack at work or a nice breakfast replacement, these bars are perfect for any time of the day. When served cold, they are a refreshing way to cool-down after an intense workout. We love the rich almond butter taste of the Almond Butter flavor! Grab some today while they're on sale!