Move over Mr. Newton, there's are some new Figs in town, and they are taking over our taste buds. Bars used to be all about oats (unless it was a Fig Newton). Every bar, a unique combination of oats, grains, museli and granola clusters rolled up with honey, agave, and nut-butters, and assorted nuts and dried fruit mashed in. Now some bars are ditching the gluten & grains for the fiber filled, nutrient rich Fig.Why Figs? Figs are great. Figs have the highest calcium of any fruit. They're a good source of iron, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin K. They have a ton of dietary fiber and can take the edge off of hunger. They also contain different type of antioxidant, have been shown to mop up free radicals, and help steady blood sugars, prevent type 2 diabetes, and possibly kill cancer cells. Here's a refreshed on the bars: Meet some of our newest Fig based bars: figs


If you were to take a Fig Newton, remove the cookie shell, and then add chunks of delicious dark chocolate to the moist fig center, you'd have an EnduroBite. The EnduroBite packs 400 calories, but the package is super convenient, because it breaks the bar into four 100 calorie bites. This bar is "racer-tested," but we would eat this at any of time of day. Enduro Bite


It's hard to believe some of these bars are fig and date based. With flavors like Rad Raspberry Lemon and Fabulous Ginger Peach, one word to describe Bearded Brothers Bars is refreshing. They taste like a southern drink (the Rad Raspberry Lemon actually tastes like drinking raspberry lemonade)  - This suits them since they're based out of Austin, Texas.  The whole refreshing drink thing might seem weird, but Austin is weird. Try one out and you'll see. Bearded Brothers


This bar is light and as simple as they come. On average about three ingredients make up the ingredient list of an R Bar. So when it says the flavor is Mint Chocolate, the ingredients will be simple, chocolate, mint and figs. The Fig + Almond R Bar? Fig and almond. You get the point. We like these bars because somehow they always feel and taste freshly made. They're also a great mini-snack when you have a subtle sweet craving. R Bar

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