Why is UnTapped nutritionally better? The Maple Manifesto: The caloric content is virtually the same, us (UnTapped) versus them (other gels), so with calories as your fuel, there's your rudimentary energy source. Maple syrup is sucrose, which breaks down in the body into the sugars glucose and fructose. Having these two sugars as a fuel source is optimal since we only have three sugar transporters across the small intestine: fructose, glucose, and galactose [milk sugar]. Since many people are intolerant to milk sugar, that leaves fructose and glucose. By taking advantage of both transporters, it's like having two lanes open on a highway instead of just one.
Maple syrup naturally has lots of electrolytes like manganese, zinc, and iron plus some trace vitamins. It’s also packed with amino acids and critical antioxidants often giving maple syrup the title of a superfood. Other foods with that title include blueberries, flaxseed, tea, red wine, etc. Maple syrup is also low glycemic, which blows a lot of people away. With a glycemic index rating of 54, this ranks it below potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, honey, and table sugar. Being lower on the scale allows for longer energy delivery since you’re not spiking your insulin, which would then result in an energy crash. [product_grid id="176195"] So nutritionally, maple syrup is a single ingredient, one-stop-shop as opposed to the stuff designed by a chemist, long since clogging sports stores shelves. But I love the less tangible benefits, like how maple syrup is water soluble. This is great because it digests really quickly and easily. We hear athletes pointing out how easy maple syrup is on their stomachs. If you down tons of sugary drinks and normal gels, athletes will complain of a hollow, painful feeling called gut rot. Maple syrup doesn’t give you gut rot. Plus if you ever spill a bit of a normal gel on your cycling clothes or in a zipper, it’s like tar! Meanwhile, pure maple syrup will clean right off with water — think about that “tar” going through your digestion while trying to compete and the concept of gut rot makes complete sense. Try it today! Reposted from UnTapped.