Well we are excited for this announcement! The new team nutrition sponsor for Team Garmin Sharp in 2014 is us, The Feed! We'll be giving the riders access to over 50 of the best brands and thousands of individual products in sport nutrition. Now, the riders will never be bored, always have their favorites, and get exactly the right fuel to propel them to the finish line. Plus, with our increasing selection of pre and post workout whole foods, they'll have great food when they're on the go, off the bike.  You don't have to be P-R-O to use The Feed: Whether you’re looking to improve your time trial, take on new athletic endeavors or simply feel better, we focus on education and personalized service to develop the right nutrition plan for every person we work with. We believe eating better helps you perform your best and live a healthier, more active lifestyle. As for Team Garmin Sharp, we've already got their Official Team Box, each piece of nutrition was selected by one of the team's sport scientist, Colby Pearce,  up in the shop. Also check out the riders' Feeds. Starting out we got Phil Gaimon and Alex Howes. Phil and Alex may require a bit more fuel than the average person, however work with The Feed, and together you can discover the perfect nutrition to fuel your life… AND get FREE SHIPPING on every order. Boximage Phil Gaimon wrote about working with The Feed this winter: With The Feed, you can get all your favorite training food, without the hassle of going store-to-store or bike shop-to-bike shop to find the right brand and flavor, and a crazy selection to try new stuff you’d never find at the grocery store. I recommend the one with the chocolate chips. More exciting news to come!