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Do you know what makes sports nutrition so smart?  Science. Lots of it. And that’s what endurance nutrition company Science in Sport is all about. Founded in 1992 and known for developing innovative products lightyears ahead of the rest, SiS has developed top notch nutrition options, like the SiS Go Gel. Unlike most, this innovative and truly isotonic gel requires no water to digest, delivering carbohydrates rapidly to your muscles. Not having to take water with a gel is huge. It lets you fuel up without impacting your hydration levels. This means you have full control over fuel and hydration. SiS feed blog How does SiS pack so much science in their nutrition? They collaborate with the top sports scientists, nutritionists and elite athletes from around the world, and they constantly run scientific trials ensuring this stuff really works.   And it does. In 2012 alone, athletes using SiS consisted of 24 Olympic medalists, the Tour de France team prize, the Tour of Britain Winner, and Andy Murray as he won the US Open. SiS is the most widely used product in the pro peloton, fueling teams like Belkin, Katusha and Astana. Time and time again they are consistently the nutrition brand of choice for World Champions in a range of athletic disciplines.  And now The Feed is excited to announce, the only place you can get SiS in the US is in your Feed Box. Lucky you. So if you want to officially and scientifically say “Goodbye Bonktown, hello Podiumville,” we really do think SiS is the place to start.  Questions about SiS? Learn more by clicking HERE. To add this to your next Feed, login or email us at

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