Meet Thomas W. He's 25 years old, lives in Laredo, TX and joined The Feed a few months back because he wanted the Team Garmin Sharp Argyle bottle. Now, just a few months later, he's gone from getting through workouts, to upping his tennis game, riding longer, and feeling stronger. This is his story.
Hi. I'm Thomas W, I’m 25 years old, and I live in Laredo, TX. I first found out about The Feed and it piqued my interest to see what they could offer, and the team Garmin argyle bottle was a plus.  I originally got a 7 item pre-prepared box. I fell in love with the idea of receiving these supplies monthly, so I quickly upgraded to the 14 item box. My experience so far has been fantastic. I really love what The Feed does and just their enthusiasm for all things outdoors and eating right. I know I am one of many customers but they do have really great customer service and selection that it makes me feel like they care for the needs of every person, individually. Within the last few months I have learned more than in the last 25 years of my life. I always hear about eating right: go vegan, go vegetarian, go on a diet, don’t get too fat, you're already fat, now what?, gluten-free, all-natural, organic, etc. It's all so much information and hard to process when you look at it all.  Well, with the tips/help from The Feed, I have really started looking at what am I eating, what the ingredients are, and how they affect me. I have learned how to hydrate way better than I used to before The Feed. After a tennis clinic or match I would reach for the soda. In fact, before the match or before a bike ride, I would have a can of a certain Cola. I could feel my performance drop after a certain amount of time after I began  cycling/mountain biking, or playing tennis, but I never attributed this to my drink. I'd just take another sip.  Then after my exercise, I would sip another can or two of soda, to recharge. I always thought it was because I wasn’t fit enough, not yet, at least. After swapping the soda for good quality hydration mixes, eating the tasty treats from The Feed, as well as use the energy gummies/gels/shots provided, I could see my performance being more consistent. So simple! Consistency is great, but my performance has really improved in ways I didn’t think could happen just because of changing your diet!  Before The Feed I never knew about hydration mixes (besides Gatorade). I never knew about the healthy treats you can have throughout the day or on my weekly rides. So with more determination, along with the help from The Feed, I have seen my performance getting better and better. Let me tell you why: Honestly, and I'm not being paid or given anything to say this, but the items my Feed nutrition coach and I have picked out  have helped me to go longer distances on the bike, beat my previous lap times, play harder when it counts in my matches and just overall improve my confidence in all aspects of life. Since I am achieving more, I actually just upgraded to a larger box, and with the super help of Tally (my nutrition coach) I have totally cut out all sodas. The diet change has me more energized and sleeping better as well. If I hadn't clicked on the Garmin-Sharp Link with The Feed I don’t know how life would be right now. I’m a bit overweight. I’m tall, but I’m a bit on the chubby side. All my bike friends are toothpicks. I could use them to eat cheese cubes, and other hors d'oeuvres. I’m trying to be at their level of riding. They normally do about 50+ miles a day, 7 days a freaking week. I tell you if there were more days in the week they would be racking up the mileage like an airport. I am nowhere near that in terms of riding, but I am surely improving. I tell them to join The Feed, but their snobby bike teams provide them with only small variety of hydration/energy snacks, so they are really missing out. The hydration mix has probably helped me the most. After some physical activity I would get light headed/dizzy/seasick kind of feeling. Due to hydrating better I have had none of those scary incidents. More water, more Skratch, more GU (my two faves btw!). Just that is a major improvement for me. So yes, I can definitely say that on and off the bike The Feed has greatly impacted my lifestyle in a positive way. I take a couple of snacks (especially when the monthly box just arrives) in my pocket and use them throughout the day. I’m currently doing my Masters in International Business, and the lectures, the research, the sitting in front of a computer typing your life away can really drain you. That’s where some of the energy gels/ gummies come in handy. I’m totally against all those energy drinks because of how they upset my system and taste vile. But I’m also knocking out those research papers with more ease and energy! When I share with the other students it’s like Christmas time at the orphanage. It's cool to be sponsored by a company like The Feed because all their products can be used on so many different occasions. Tally also encourages me to switch things up and try new things. I don't have a favorite product yet, and I may never have one. When you switch things up you don't get bored, you're more encouraged to eat right and fuel right.  I’m still trying new products and mixing them and using them for different activities. At this moment my favorite is the Rip Van Wafles (just because I had never heard of them until The Feed sent me some and now I am in love with them wafels ♥). I would say the Honey Stinger products are really great. Justin's makes some sensational nut butter. Me (and my dogs) love to eat them! Looking ahead, my goals are to keep improving and keep pushing harder now that I have that momentum and positivity going forward. I feel younger than I ever have, even when I actually was younger, and I have more energy than before. My goals are to keep doing what I’m doing, and doing it better for the next day. I see myself succeeding and failing at times but I will continue to keep pursuing a better more active life. Answering questions about my experience with The Feed has really showed me how help and improvement can come from the most unlikely of places. And that it's possible to be in a better place 6 months later whether its on the bike, on the court, or behind the desk. My goal is to ride longer, and play harder whenever I can. Whether cold or heat, it's always the time to stay active. I tell people aim for the moon. You likely won't get there the first shot, but when you fall back down, you could end up in a tree. Which is still better than the person who never left the ground at all, and who always looked up, wishing they could have tried but never did.