Relax! It's Labor Day weekend.lachlanamerica America! Yes! Okay, so Lachlan Morton may not be American, but he looks great with some stars and stripes behind him. It's Labor Day weekend, and it's just so darn bittersweet: A three day weekend full of barbecues and fun that also marks the unofficial last weekend of summer. Sigh. We hope you're making the most of it, and would love to see your laboring or lack thereof this long weekend. Send us your pics! Those knobby tires are coming out.All over our Instagram feed people are swapping the road bikes for the cross bikes. Cross camps are on full force, and next week marks the first real week of racing with Nittany Lion CX kicking off in Trexlertown, PA. Are you ready for cross?  @alincoln @krusta & @rosiekatewildman are. If you have awesome photos of your excursions, tag @thefeedme! We'll feature the best pictures in The Sunday Spin AND our favorite photos will be  handsomely rewarded with Feed goodies!

Everything is a competition.

What's better: running or cycling? Were you born to run or born to ride? The New York Times blog set out to tackle the question. The verdict? It comes down to goals, time, anatomy and injuries. What do you prefer? Read on to find out.  running is better, maybe. Image isn't everything, but it's something, right? This new bike designed by Varibike let's you pedal with your arms and your legs. That's double the watts, but is it double the weird? Check out the bike and let us know, would you take this out on the weekend group ride?  No more bonking with Bonk Breaker.  We've been banging on about it all week, but get ready to taste greatness. The World's Best Energy Bars will now be packed inside current customers September boxes. If you aren't on The Feed, get on it, and get yourself a taste of . Questions? We’ve got answers, just send us a message: