Brr. It's cold. Okay winter, you win. It seems like every year during summer the idea of cold winters where you wear pants every day and sock and shoes and wouldn't think of wearing a flip flop becomes unimaginable. Well here in Boulder it was cold this weekend. When out for a run we could see our breath. On a ride we couldn't seem to wear enough clothes. And apparently it's only going to get colder. Iced up drive trains?! Ahh! Check out our favorites of your photos: Oh, and while the most of the country is bracing themselves for winter, those lucky enough in California are... well... I think you can tell which of the above photos is from a Feed Fan from The West. Winter Biking Educate yourself on Winter Hydration. The ever so lovely Allen Lim, aka Skratch Labs Master Mind, has worked with some of the best athletes in the world, and he is a believer that hydration equals results in all aspects of life. Allen filled us in on why staying obsessed with electrolytes all winter long is ridiculously important. Get yourself some Apples & Cinnamon Skratch and Read for yourself.  King Of Pain Pain happens. Most pain doesn't have to happen. Multi-sport coach Adam from San Diego's Breakaway Training is known as the King of Pain. He pushes his athletes to their limits. But he doesn't believe you need to live with pain once you finish your workout.  So before you get going, and pushing yourself to new limits, read up. Adam has some great tips on avoiding injury.    Since Thunderbird Bars showed up at the office, we've been obsessed.   Apparently a Shaman that blesses every bar. We are looking into this, because we want to know what a Shaman blessing does for the person chowing down on the these ridiculously delicious bars. Ie YOU. Can a Shaman blessing make you feel fuller longer? Can it bring you good luck? Does it make you able to finally do that back flip you've been trying to do your entire life? We'll get back to you. But in the meantime, check them out, and the other great new foods we've got in stock. Thunderbird Thanks!