Did you know that dehydration resulting in as little as 1-2% decrease in body weight can negatively impact an athlete’s performance? With a plethora of great tasting flavors, we've always appreciated the convenience of Nuun's portable hydration tablets, whether we we're heading out for a lunch-time ride, or preparing for a big day on the bike. The light taste, low-calorie content, and optimal blend of electrolytes make Nuun a reliable solution for hydration, both on and off the bike. Nuun recently reformulated their product line. Building on their easy-to-use tablet delivery system, the team at Nuun updated the ingredient list with plant-based sweeteners like Monkfruit Extract, a non-GMO dextrose for quicker electrolyte absorption. Suggested use: 1 tablet for every hour of exercise when you don’t want too many added calories in your drink mix. Consider adding Nuun Plus to your regular Nuun tabs for rides where some added calories are needed. Benefits: An optimal electrolyte profile - sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium - provides peak hydration before, during, and after training. The light flavor of Nuun Active means that you can drink as much as you need without the sticky or syrupy mouthfeel of many sports drinks. [product_grid id="68348"] July 7th is Stage 6 of the Tour de France and runs from Arpajon-sur-Cere to Montauban. The day begins with a number of of steeps hills where we'll hopefully watch a breakaway or two happen. In the second half of the day, it becomes a bit flatter and could open up for an exciting sprint finish. To ensure a fast finish without muscle cramps or dehydration, the riders will need to actively hydrate all day. Nuun Active is a fantastic choice! Their blend of electrolytes can prevent and alleviate muscle cramps, improve muscle function, delay the onset of fatigue, and increase mental acuity. Nuun Active is currently featured in our 2016 Tour De France Box, a mix of our favorite products, available for $39.99. Each TdF Box includes a FREE Camelbak Podium Bottle! Shop today!