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The first time I had a Peanut Butter & Jelly Bonk Breaker I was on a tear-filled mountain bike ride, and I was starting to lose it mentally. The bar invoked memories of simpler times and the way  my mom would send me to school with PB&J sandwiches in the shape of our various cookie-cutters: Pumpkins during halloween, gingerbread men and houses during the holidays, and hearts for any day she wanted to remind me that I was loved. With a much better mindset and a warmth in my soul I was able to continue the harrowing descent down.

"If you don’t have Peanut Butter and Jelly Bonk Breakers in your Feed, you’re wrong."

Bonk Breakers are also great for hiking. I’ve found the heaviness of the bar feels good in your hand. You know it’s not just some wimpy snack, and the familiar PB&J taste feels great in your belly. Hey, while you’re in the moment, why don't you call your mother just to say thanks. 

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Clif shots have been the star performer in my feeding regimen this season. All my best rides and runs have been fueled with shots. When I can’t choke down a bar but know I need that extra edge to keep going, I reach for the familiar red Strawberry Clif Shot package in my jersey pocket. It helped me drop my dad for the first time ever on the bike. This is enough of an endorsement for me to never leave the house without one.

If you’re looking for a serious kick in the pants, try the Double Expresso shot. I often struggle with motivation and energy at the beginning of my workouts. I need a mile or so to feel warmed-up during a run, and at least 10 miles on my bike for my legs to not feel like they are made of some sort of cement/lead hybrid. The caffeine gives my body sustainable energy to perform harder and longer, and it boosts my mood and gives me the desire to really push myself. It’s a win-win in my book. 


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Working in a warehouse full of product comes with its temptations and struggles. I recognize that it’s inappropriate to consume a case of Rip Van Wafels for lunch every day. While I don’t mind indulging in those caramel-y, gooey disks of happiness after I work out, or with my coffee every now and then, I’ve had to find a better substitute for office snacking. Enter the Breeze Bar. It has natural ingredients like almonds, brown rice, honey and maple syrup. Also, it’s hand-pressed instead of extruded, so the ingredients are actually recognizable and not ground into an indistinguishable pulp. It sits light and tastes delicious.

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The final secret to my feeding regimen is Nuun All Day Hydration. After 4 years of college in Texas, I realized that my 3 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper each day were actually doing nothing to hydrate me. I decided to kick the habit and find a way to get more water into my body, asap. Nuun has a mild flavor and a hint of effervescence. The bubbles tickle my nose and remind me of my glory DDP days. However, it isn’t rapidly depleting the calcium in my bones or damaging my kidneys. It encourages me to stay hydrated throughout the day which improves my evening workouts. In my opinion staying hydrated is the easiest change you can make and has the biggest impact on daily performance and overall well-being.